Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Summer in Seattle Collection Part 2: Things to Do Swatch and Review

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Jenn at Daily Hues Nail Lacquer is taking us back to Seattle! Her Summer in Seattle Collection Part 2 portion is called Things to Do. I showed you all Part 1: Places to See a couple weeks ago. That half was inspired by places to visit in Seattle, now, she is letting us know what all there is to do in Seattle. Seriously, if you're ever planning a trip there over the summer...take note of everything in these two collections. Your trip will easily plan itself. Don't worry, you can leave your galoshes at home. Rainy season in Seattle doesn't include June, July or August. Ready to check these beauties out?! Keep reading!!
Round & Round is described as "a dusty mauve that leans a bit to the bright side with a blue iridescent shimmer".
Shown is three coats of Round & Round with top coat.
Round & Round is beauty in a bottle. This color is unique and commands attention, even without all the flair, just like its inspiration. Smooth application and perfect formula. I dare you not to fall in love!

Only in the Northwest is described as "a bright, juicy orange with a golden shimmer".
Shown is two coats of Only in the Northwest with top coat.
Only in the Northwest is one that I was skeptical about. Seriously...I had an "Oh God, Jenn! Seriously an orange shimmer?!?" moment when I unwrapped this. Then, I put it on. That buttery smooth application...uh-ma-zing! Skip the slight brush strokes by sponging on a second coat and you're in heaven!

(No pics here for obvious reasons, but Google it if you want. hahahaha)
Naked Bike Ride is described as "a clear based topper with matte glitter in white, black, orange, light pink, dark pink, yellow, lavender, and sky blue in various shapes and sizes".
Shown is one coat of Naked Bike Ride over Only in the Northwest with top coat.
Naked Bike Ride is one you're going love. This topper is incredibly versatile. You'll be able to wear it over almost anything...even a naked nail! Easy to apply and beautiful formula. What more could you ask for?

The Boat Races is described as "a bright, yet deep, blue with linear holo".
Shown is two coats of The Boat Races with top coat.
The Boat Races is the perfect shade of blue to show that it is inspired by the Blue Angels who perform at the Seafair every year. I did two coats of this beauty, but you could easily get away with doing one coat of a decent thickness. Beautiful formula and smooth application. Nothing to complain about here.
in direct light
in direct light

What Band is Next? is described as "a creamy white crelly with blue to green to gold UCC flakies".
Shown is three coats of What Band is Next? with top coat.
What Band is Next? is a thing of flakie lovers' dreams! A beautiful milky white base filled with micro flakes that shift colors. At first, the application is slightly patchy, but easily evens out after a full 2-3 coats. 

Day Trip to the Islands is described as "a clear base filled with blue iridescent micro flakies'.
Shown is one coat of Day Trip to the Islands over OPI Eurso Euro with top coat.
Day Trip to the Islands is ethereal. This little bottle is full of so much whimsy your head my explode! This is one I want to put on everything. It is extremely packed with flakies so one coat does cover the base a lot, but who cares? It's so freaking pretty!! 

The Summer in Seattle Collection Part 2: Things to Do is available now!. The individual polishes range from$8.50 to $10.50, but the whole set will be available to purchase for $51 at http://www.dailyhues.com/. You can tell how much she truly loves this city and all it has to offer. The inspirations shine through in every way. These polishes are beautiful and a lot of fun! If you missed Part 1: Places to See click HERE to check out those swatches! Make sure you are following Daily Hues Nail Lacquer on all of her social media platforms (links below) to stay updated on news, releases, and sales.

What do you all think of Part 2 of the Summer in Seattle Collection? Any calling your name?

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Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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