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I have some things going on, so I'm not going to personally be able to post like I usually do, so I've asked some of my favorites to do guest posts. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have! This first lady is a doll! She's super sweet and has a lot of fun with her posts! I've really enjoyed getting to know her!

Hi, everyone! My name is Christina, and I run the nail blog Adventures in Polishland. I am excited to show you two polishes today-- Deborah Lippmann - Pearly Queen and Julep - Melissa. Both of these polishes are brand new to me, but I noticed that they were extremely similar. So similar, in fact, that I could barely tell the difference between the two of them when I held the bottles up next to each other! I decided to try these polishes on together to see if there are any noticeable differences between the two of them. Let's see how they compare!

Julep - Melissa and Deborah Lippmann - Pearly Queen

Julep - Melissa and Deborah Lippmann - Pearly Queen

I began my comparison by painting three coats of each polish on two fingers. In the photo below, the first two fingers (left) are wearing Pearly Queen, and the next two (right) are wearing Melissa. As you can see, they are almost identical. In terms of application, I found Julep - Melissa to be easier to use. Deborah Lippmann - Pearly Queen is not only sheerer than Melissa, but its formula is very thin. I prefer the creamier feel that Melissa has, as it is easier to control when painting. Other than that small difference, the two are basically the same polish.

Left to Right: Pinky and ring fingers have on Deborah Lippmann - Pearly Queen and middle and pointer fingers have on Julep - Melissa.

Both of these polishes are beautiful opals. I love opal because it is my birthstone, but I also like the shimmer and shine that an opal has. This type of polish is quite sheer, but if you layer it over white you will ensure opacity without losing any of the opal shimmer. If you look closely you will also find hints of other colors reflected in opal polish as well. I think it is a must to include an opal polish in your stash! Of course, now that we've seen two that are almost identical, which one is a better value? This particular Deborah Lippmann retails at $16, and the Julep retails at $14. However, Julep's polish size is only 0.27 ounces compared to the 0.5 ounces that the Lippmann is. Thus, if you spend $2 more to get the Deborah Lippmann, you are getting almost double the amount of polish! Yes, you sacrifice a bit of quality in terms of formula, but I think it is definitely worth it if you plan on using this polish on a regular basis. Also be sure to look out for special deals on Pearly Queen. It has been found in TJ Maxx stores for just $6.99! That really is a bargain! 

Here are some more photos to show the comparison between Pearly Queen and Melissa. Again, two fingers are painted with each color. 

I hope you have enjoyed this comparison post! To see more from me, you can visit Adventures in Polishland HERE
. Thank you! 

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