Guest Post #3 - My Indie Glam Addiction

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This next post comes from a lady who never fails to make me laugh. I swear she's super woman or something! She's so busy, she actually typed up this post as she was pulled over at a rest stop. I told her she didn't have to cause things had gotten crazy, but she insisted! I give you Jenn at My Indie Glam Addiction.

Pretty & Polished Punk’d Up Betty

First I’d like to thank Becky, at Naked Without Polish, for giving me this opportunity. I was originally supposed to do a nail art tutorial and then things got crazy busy (I got a job at Ulta… OMG) and I couldn’t find time to do it. She has been super patient and I am definitely promising her a rain check because she is wonderful! Thank you again, Becky!!

I’m sure every nail polish diva has what they call their “signature polish”. A signature polish is a polish that is basically you in a pretty little bottle. Well, the second I saw a picture of Punk’d Up Betty I knew that this would be my signature polish. Pink and black are my two favorite colors and it is definitely punkish which I LOVE!!!

A few months ago I started hearing about matte glitter and to be honest I thought the idea was idiotic. Doesn’t matte glitter kind of contradict the purpose of glitter? It wasn’t until I received this polish in the mail that I realized how wrong I was and I must admit that I actually prefer matte glitter.

Anyway, onto my favorite polish. Punk’d Up Betty is packed full of pink and black matte glitters with a few larger hex glitters sprinkled in. What I found really interesting was that the pink glitters are all different textures. Unfortunately that is really difficult for the camera to capture. You can kind of see it in the second picture below.

Pretty & Polished - Punk'd Up Betty

I painted two coats over a pale pink base.

Here you can kind of pick out the different textures that some of the pink glitters have. The polish goes on nice and smooth and the glitters do not leave a gritty feeling on your nails like others do. If you’re going to paint it over a pink base like I did I wouldn’t recommend painting it over anything darker than a powder pink or else you will take away some of the glory from gorgeous pink glitters. 

I’ve got to hand it to Pretty & Polished… this is definitely the most creative polish I’ve ever owned and if it’s ever announced that it may go out of stock, I’ll end up buying about ten of them.

Thank you again, Becky for this wonderful opportunity! I have been and will always be a HUGE fan of your page!!

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