4th of July

10:45 AM

Happy 4th of July everyone!! I've got my celebratory mani to show you all today! It's simple. My free-handed approach to nail art really sucks, but I love this mani anyway. One thing that sucks is my wait time. I waited 30 minutes before adding top coat and it still streaked. If any of you have tips, PLEASE HELP ME!! Anyway, back to the mani, check out pics below! 

I did two coats of Cult Nails - Time Traveler on my pinky and ring fingers. Once dry, I used Cult Nails - Tempest and did some free-handed stars. Yes, the stars are far from perfect, but I don't have stamping plates or star shaped glitter, this was the only way for me to do them and I'm still proud of them. Hopefully, at some point, I'll be able to come back and look at how far I've come and these will be the worst of it. HA! 

I used three coats of Milani - 3D Holographic - HD on my middle and pointer fingers. I probably could have ended at two but I wanted to ensure full coverage. Look at that sparkle! Really a great holo for the price (I got mine from a blog sale)!

I used two coats of Cult Nails - Annalicious on my thumb, then used Cult Nails - Tempest, again, for the stripes. Yes, free-handed again! 

Simple, didn't take me long, but it's still a lot of fun and patriotic! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!!

I'll be back tomorrow with the first (of 6) Ellagee swatches. Can't wait to show you these! 

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Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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