Rainbow Honey Tidal Wave, Diamond Weapon and Phoenix Down

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**Press sample**

I've got three gorgeous polishes from Rainbow Honey's new The Final Battle collection. The collection consists of 15 new shades inspired by Final Fantasy VII. 

It is divided into three parts: 

Part I, The Battle "plays off of some of the main elements in the of the game: the heroes and the ultimate faceoff between the Planet's Lifestream and the Meteor; Phoenix Down is a nod to the recurring battle item throughout the Final Fantasy series.".

Part II, The Summons "depicts five of the attacks used by the beasts and monsters summoned in the game - a crucial part of any battle!".

Part III, The Weapons "created by the Planet as a form of self-defense. The bio-mechanical monsters were massive and powerful and I have taken the chance to create a durable and colorful representation of each one.".

Tidal Wave is a "murky aqua base filled with holographic glitters and the effervescent shimmer of the great Leviathan's scales.". Tidal Wave is absolutely breathtaking! I was blown away with this beauty when I was done applying it on my nails. This is three thin coats. It's a jelly base so it didn't quite get to full opacity. Decent dry time, no glitter placement, same great formula that all of Rainbow Honey's polishes have. This color...perfect blue...speechless. 

Diamond Weapon is a "charcoal gray with gold and silver shimmer.". This is three thin coats for full opacity. The combination of grey, silver and gold reminds me of metal shavings. I'd used to play with them with magnets in school. These colors play off each other to make the perfect gunmetal metallic polish. Diamond Weapon dried very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised by that. 

Phoenix Down is "full of orange, red, white and iridescent glitters.". When I first saw Phoenix Down, I thought it looked like another one of those "winter snow" type top coats. I'm so glad I was wrong! This is one coat of Phoenix Down over A Girl Obsessed's But He Loves pie. The brush is packed with glitter each time you pull it out of the bottle. No issues with glitter placement here. 

As beautiful as Phoenix Down is over a nude polish, I wanted to put it over a polish that would allow every speck of glitter pop. I chose Zoya Hunter. The deep, dark green was the perfect backdrop for this beauty. Phoenix Down really shines! This is one of those polishes that you buy a back up of to keep in your purse at all times. It goes with practically anything and would easily jazz up or fix a dull manicure.

Rainbow Honey has done it again! Is there nothing they can't do?! Each polish is more beautiful than the last. You can get any of these three beauties or the 12 others in The Final Battle for $10 on Rainbow Honey's shop. Don't pass any of these up, and check out colors from past collections too! They have way too many amazing polishes! YOU NEED THEM ALL!! 

Brand information:

Shop - http://www.rainbowhoney.com/
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Twitter - https://twitter.com/Rainbow_Honey
Instagram - http://instagram.com/rainbowhoney


(direct link to their shop) http://fab.com/designer/rainbow-honey/
Links to Rainbow Honey retailers around the world: http://www.rainbowhoney.com/pages/retailers

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**The featured products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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