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Today, I've got the beautiful Satin collection from Zoya to show you all. I think the Satin collection just might be my favorite one from this season. They are so rich, smooth and full of depth, it's easy to get lost in them.

Claudine is a "striking dark meteorite gray metallic". Claudine surprised me. I love a good gray, but I'm not usually a fan of dark grays. There is just a little something extra in Claudine that makes her stand out. This is two coats of Claudine to get full opacity.

This is two coats of Claudine topped with one coat of Maria LuisaMaria Luisa is a "gold cellophane accent topper". This pairing was so classy and rich looking. At some angles it looks as though there is more or less gold flakes than there actually are. Never overwhelming looking though. This reminded me of a thick, beautiful, gold brushed picture frame. Simple and elegant.

Mason is an "exciting red violet metallic". Probably my favorite polish in this collection. If you don't absolutely LOVE this color, you have no soul! It's deliciously juicy. Two coats got Mason to full opacity. 

This is two coats of Mason topped with one coat of Maria Luisa. This pairing didn't excite me as much as Mason did on it's own. It's not ugly, but I felt as though Maria Luisa just covered up the beauty of Mason.

Channing is a "rusty or coppery red metallic". This is my second favorite from the collection. (I promise it's not because of the name either!) This rusty red (almost orange) metallic is one of those colors that can easily leave you speechless. It's rich and deep and would be the perfect accent to a little black dress. Two coats for full opacity.

This is two coats of Channing topped with one coat of Maria Luisa. These two compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly. They were made to go together. 

Neve is a "sapphire blue metallic". If you need one blurple (bluish purple or purpleish blue) polish this season, Neve is your go to polish for that. This was two thin coats for full opacity, but if you were to do one thick coat, you'd probably be ok.

This is two coats of Neve topped with one coat of Maria Luisa. Blues and purples are my go to pairing for anything gold. This pairing is no different. Stunning! That is all.

Giovanna is described as "stunning emerald green metallic". To me, this isn't an emerald green, it's more of a turquoise (blue-green) metallic. Whatever color it is, it's a beautiful jewel tone. Everyone needs something in this color in their stash. Two coats to get full opacity.

This is two coats of Giovanna topped with one coat of Maria Luisa. Another two beauties that are perfect together. This is a holiday party manicure just waiting to be shown off!

Zoya has done it again! The Satin collection is magical! The best mainstream polish collection I've seen this fall. Each color is more stunning than the last and each one is a must have. Go to http://www.zoya.com/ right now and add it to your cart! The whole Satin collection is $48 or buy the few that jumped out at you for $8 a bottle. Get yours now! Holiday parties are around the corner. Don't let your nails go naked!!

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Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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