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Anchor and Heart Lacquer My Friends, My Anchors Collection Swatch and Review

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I've got the beautiful, sophomore collection from Anchor & Heart Lacquer to show you all today. She did a beautiful job with her My Friends, My Anchors Collection. Each polish is named after qualities that describe great friends. Taryn, the mastermind behind Anchor & Heart Lacquer, asked the ladies in her fan group what were qualities that they looked for in friends. She took some of her favorites and created the My Friends, My Anchors Collection. I love the sentiment behind this collection and each name she chose. I hope you all love these as much as I do. Keep reading to check out these beauties. I have a feeling you'll read the descriptions of the polishes and start pairing the polishes up with your friends that fit each description.

The Rock
The Rock is that friend that is always there for you with a shoulder, an ear, a pint, or a laugh no matter how much time has past or where you both are; they are as dependable as they are special.
The Rock is described as "a grey linear holo with strong purple shift and copper sparks".
Shown is three coats of The Rock with top coat.
The Rock is a stunner! This beauty is strong but far from silent. You're sure to feel empowered with it on your nails. It has a smooth application, and a brush that is easy to manipulate for less clean up. A must have polish!
in direct light
in direct light

The Vivacious
The Vivacious is that fun, feisty, and maybe a little crazy, friend who reminds you that it is important to feel beautiful and sexy in whichever way works best for you.
The Vivacious is described as "a muted raspberry linear holo with strong gold shimmer, and dark pink holo micro glitter".
Shown is three coats of The Vivacious with top coat.
The Vivacious is fun and vibrant. It will definitely be your go to polish when you need something fun to kick you out of a funk. A great shade of "pink" for those of you who aren't fans of pink, but don't really want a purple. Great application and flawless formula.
in direct light
in direct light

The Free Spirit
The Free Spirit is that friend that you can count on to make to make life a little more fun, whether they are reminding you to slow down and appreciate life or convincing you to drop everything for a road trip.
The Free Spirit is described as "a buttery yellow crelly with a touch of red shimmer, and rainbow iridescent micro glitter".
Shown is three coats of The Free Spirit with top coat.
The Free Spirit is the polish you're going to grab when you need a pick me up. This is the perfect shade of yellow for any skin tone. It is slightly sheer, so three coats is needed. This is another must have from this collection.

The Stubborn
The Stubborn is that friend that stands by their opinions with fierce conviction, and they remind you that it is important to stand by your beliefs as well.
The Stubborn is described as "a steely, Carolina blue with violet/navy shifting UCC flakies, strong blue shimmer, and light blue holo micro glitter".
Shown is three coats of The Stubborn with top coat.
The Stubborn is one of those polishes that you won't be able to help yourself around. The denim blue color will draw you in, but that flash of blue shimmer will leave you hanging on its every move. You'll be looking for that flash when the light perfectly hits your nails. At times, it's almost ethereal looking. Beautifully smooth formula and application. Don't worry about fishing for the flakies. They cling to the brush each time it's dipped into the bottle.
in direct light
in direct light

The Motivator
The Motivator is that friend that inspires you to step outside of your comfort zones, and sometimes you think they believe in you more than you believe in yourself.
The Motivator is described as "a spring green linear holo with green shimmer, and silver holo micro glitter".
Shown is three coats of The Motivator with top coat.
The Motivator is the perfect shade of green to keep you going. Truly a motivator...green for money...green means go...there is no way to be bored or idle with this beauty around. It was also on the sheer side, so three coats is a must. The green shimmer makes this polish absolutely magical. 
in direct light
in direct light

The Sincerest
The Sincerest is that friend that is always in your corner delivering the truth (even when you may not want to...but need to...hear it) with the kind of love and compassion that comes from a true friend.
The Sincerest is described as "a blueberry purple crelly with red/violet shifting UCC flakies, holo micro glitter, and violet shimmer".
Shown is three coats of The Sincerest with top coat.
The Sincerest is the perfect purple crelly. A lovely dark lavender with micro glitter and flakes dancing together in the base. A genuine beauty. Simple. Demure. Flawless application. 
in direct light
in direct light

The Selfless
The Selfless is that friend that reminds you of what it means to have a giving heart; don't mention to her that you like her lipstick, shirt, or earrings because she will probably give them to you.
The Selfless is described as "a super light blue cream with strong red shimmer and blue glass flecks".
Shown is three coats of The Selfless with top coat.
The Selfless is the ultimate powder blue polish. Yes, it is slightly sheer, but after 3 flawless coats you've got opaque perfection. The red shimmer was the perfect addition to this polish. If you're a fan of the classic Hard Candy Sky, you need to give this one a shot! It is another must have polish from this collection.

Anchor & Heart Lacquer will be releasing her My Friends, My Anchors Collection on Friday, May 20th at 8 pm EST at www.anchorandheartlacquer.com. You will be able to get the full collection in mini bottles for $40 or in full sized bottles for $65. They will also be available individually for $9.50 each. Mini bottles will not be available to purchase outside of the full collection. Make sure you are following Anchor & Heart Lacquer on all of her social media platforms (links below) to stay updated on news, releases, and sales. 

What do you think of Anchor & Heart Lacquer's sophomore collection? Will you be snagging any of these at the release?

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Happy Polishing!!

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