Cameo Colours Lacquers Exclamatory Interjections Collection

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

I've got yet another lovely collection from Cameo Colours Lacquers to show you all today. This is the Exclamatory Interjections Collection that was released the same day as the Blogger Beauties Collection. It's an eight piece collection of micro glitter polishes that are full of so much sparkle it'll blow your mind. They are all named after words that are exclaimed loudly for different reasons. When these beauties arrived I could barely contain myself! Now, let's show these puppies off!! 

Far Out! is described as "a black jelly packed with silver and black holographic microglitters and gunmetal micro flakies". This is two coats of Far Out! for full opacity. This beauty is like the cousin to Night of the Hunter (which happens to be my favorite polish from Cameo Colours Lacquers). Would make for the perfect base for a galaxy manicure. $8

Geez Louise! is described as "a bright orange jelly packed with copper, gold, red, and green holographic microglitters". This is three coats of Geez Louise! for full opacity. This is the perfect combination of colors. The specks of green add so much to the fiery base. I would have never thought about the addition of green, but it is everything in this polish! $8

Yowza! is described as "an ultramarine blue packed with blue, silver, turquoise, and pink holographic microglitters and electric blue flakies". This is two coats of Yowza! for full opacity. This amazing polish is the long lost, glitter filled cousin of Julep's Bailey. A vibrant, in-your-face blue that you won't be able to stop thinking about. Perfection! $8

Cool Beans! is described as "a bright pink jelly packed with light pink, bright pink, fuchsia, silver, and blue holographic microglitters and hot pink micro flakies". This is two coats of Cool Beans! for full opacity. Love pink polishes? Love purple polishes? Then you're going to flip over this polish that meets somewhere in the fantastic middle!  $8

Word! is described as "a green jelly packed with green and gold holographic microglitters along with golden green micro flakies". This is two coats of Word! for full opacity. Green glitter lovers REJOYCE!!! The vibrancy of the color and all the sparkle makes Word! so distracting! Distracting in the best way possible! So beautiful! $8

Wicked! is described as "a deep purple jelly packed with purple metallic, purple, and gold holographic microglitters". This is two coats of Wicked! for full opacity. Nothing actually wicked about this polish. It's just wicked good! The touch of blue adds a bit of depth that is just what it needed. It's practically royal. $8

Winning! is described as "packed with pink, gold, and silver holographic microglitters in a pink to purple shifting shimmer base". This is three coats of Winning! for full opacity. There are no words to describe the amazingness that is Winning! It's a mesmerizing combination that you won't be able to take your eyes off of. $8

Burn! is described as "a red jelly packed with red, silver, and gold holographic microglitters". This is three coats of Burn! for full opacity. A stunning shade of red that will spice up any date night or just give you that pick-me-up that we sometimes need. THIS is that polish. $8

Every last one of the Exclamatory Interjections Collection polishes applied like a dream. I didn't even have to clean up after any one of them. I was shocked, especially with the amount of glitter that is in these polishes. Each of these are available now and you can get each of these beauties for $8 a piece or $55 for the complete set. Decided which ones you want yet? OK! GO! And let her know I sent you! ;o)

These swatches were topped with Magpie Shine top coat ($7) and I used Sweet Nectar cuticle oil ($6) to hydrate my cuticles. Both from A Girl Obsessed

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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