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**The featured products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

It's Friday, and have I got a doozy of a post for you all today!! LynBDesigns is releasing her Alice in Wonderland Collection today. Fourteen...yes, I said FOURTEEN, gorgeous polishes inspired by the many versions of the beloved story. Since I have fourteen (my goodness it sounds like so many when it really isn't that bad) polishes to show you, with multiple pictures of each...let's get to it!!

Of Cabbages and Kings is described as "a glitter topper loaded with purple, green, and some gold glitters". This is two coats of Of Cabbages and Kings over two coats of A Girl Obsessed But He Loves Pie. This is my favorite scene from the book and Disney film. I couldn't contain my excitement so I had to lead with it. A wonderful combination of colors that will always make me think of the poor little oysters every time I look at it. I love everything about this polish! Hands down, my favorite of the bunch! $8

Futterwacken is described as "a deep purple jelly base with small red, orange, and green glitters.". This is three coats of Futterwacken. Not quite full opacity, but no more than three coats is needed. Anymore and it'd be a bit much. Great application, barely any clean up needed. Futterwacken was inspired by the dance in the Tim Burton movie version of Alice in Wonderland. The colors bring out the playfulness and quirky-ness of this goofy dance. $8

Source: YouTube

Absolutely Absolem is described as "a bright blue linear holo with tiny blue iridescent glitters". This is three coats of Absolutely Absolem for full opacity. This blue polish is absolutely perfect. Smooth application with zero problems. The combination of shades, the specks of gold and holo...the whole thing is completely mysterious just like it's inspiration. $10

Source: wikia

The Queen's Roses is described as "a white crelly base with golden shimmer, red strips and silver glitter". This is three coats of The Queen's Roses for full opacity. This white crelly is full of so much depth. In the bottle, I wasn't impressed. Then I put it on. The gold shimmer is hidden and comes to life once you put it on. I love white crelly polishes, so for me to be unimpressed was a shocker for me. I'm so glad The Queen's Roses proved me wrong. It's gorgeous! The inspiration on this one is quite obvious from the name. I have to say, I am glad she didn't put flower shaped polishes in this! $8

Down the Rabbit Hole is described as "a bright blue creme with white, yellow, and black glitters in various shapes and sizes". This is three thin coats of Down the Rabbit Hole for full opacity. I was so excited to see this polish! The color is an amazing shade of blue. She did a wonderful job finding a happy medium with the color since the different Alices wore blue dresses in different shades. The black and white glitter add the bit of drama to this polish, just like they do in the movie(s). Spot on with the inspiration for this polish! $8

Source: mrspal

I'm Late, I'm Late is described as "a mossy green slightly holographic base that features a golden shimmer and white glitters in different shapes and sizes". This is three coats of I'm Late, I'm Late for full opacity. Three coats was probably a bit much. It ended up being heavy on the glitter. Still absolutely beautiful though. The combination of the different shapes of white glitter nestled in the green holo base is beautiful! The first thing I thought of, once it was on, was the white rabbit against the green grass and shrubbery. The greens are off, but to be honest, I love the direction she went. $8

Source: MTV

Off With Her Head is described as "a red jelly base with small red, silver, and white glitters". This is three coats of Off With Her Head for full opacity. This mixture of multiple shades of red perfectly represents its inspiration. It applied amazingly and I didn't have to clean up at all. Off With Her Head is probably one of the more perfect red glitter polishes (that isn't a top coat) that I've tried. $8

Source: sodahead

I'm Not Myself, You See is described as "a root beer brown linear holographic". This is three coats of I'm Not Myself, You See. Not for full opacity, but for a little added depth. Not really inspired by anything Alice related, this beauty had been in the works for months. I think Jenna thought it fit perfectly with this name, because normally she's all about bright and beautiful polishes. Loving this brown polish is a little out of the ordinary and completely makes sense. $10

Source: Alice on LSD

Cheshire Grin is described as "a cool toned pink linear holographic polish that features shimmer that changes from pink to orange to yellow". This is three coats of Cheshire Grin for full opacity. A perfect color match to it's inspiration! It's crazy how perfect this polish is. It applies pretty sheer so three coats was perfect. Such a playful polish and it will definitely put a smile on your face. $10

Source: wikipedia

The White Queen is described as "a white based crelly polish with itty bitty rainbow iridescent glitters". This is three coats of The White Queen. Not fully opaque, but it wouldn't look right at all if it was. This polish is meant to be cloud like and ethereal. I freaking LOVE this polish! It's beautiful! Probably the most perfect white crelly polish I've got in my collection. If you're a fan of French tip manicures, you should try using The White Queen on the tip. That little added sparkle would be gorgeous! $8

Source: BannedCamp

Pool of Tears is described as "a tiny glitter bomb of red, silver, blue, green, white, black, and several other colors of micro glitter". This is one coat of Pool of Tears over three coats of The White Queen. This pairing might seem pretty patriotic at first, but once you look closely it's a lovely mosaic of color. It perfectly represents the chaos during this scene in the animated movie. $8

Dinah is described as "a taupe base with blue flakies". This is three coats of Dinah for an even finish. Close up you can see the base is taupe, but from a distance it looks like a grey base due to the amount and size of the flakies. It may not be a perfect match to the inspiration, but it's still absolutely lovely and very cat like! $8

Source: wikia

Lobster Quadrille is described as "an orange based flakie bomb with scattered to linear holographic tendencies". This is three coats of Lobster Quadrille for full opacity. Another polish I was iffy about in the bottle but was stunning once on the nail. Lobster Quadrille blew my mind! So much depth and a wonderful mix of colors! Inspired by a scene, about a dance, that takes place in the book...once on your nail your eyes seem to dance while trying to take in all the beauty of it. $10

Mathematical Satire is described as "based on the theory that Alice in Wonderland and the accompanying stories are all based on mathematical satire...this polish has iridescent squares and hexes, silver hexes, red diamonds and hearts and black spades and clubs". This is one thick coat of Mathematical Satire over one coat of China Glaze Man Hunt. Not too difficult to apply, glitter clings to the brush every time it is pulled out of the bottle. The only difficult part is actually getting one of every suite out of the bottle. The only one I was missing in this swatch was the spade. A fun representation of the cards! $8

Source: wikia

What do you all think of this new collection from LynBDesigns?! I think she did an amazing job with each and every one of the polishes and brought their inspirations to life in a way they hadn't been before. Jenna nails it every time and never ceases to amaze me. All of the polishes applied beautifully with minimal clean up! It's very rare that I have ever had issues with a polish from LynBDesigns.

The Alice in Wonderland Collection will be released today at noon EST. Also, to celebrate the release, she's offering 25% off with the code ALICE from noon until 4-22-2014 at midnight.

The above swatches are topped with Magpie Shine top coat ($7) and I kept my cuticles hydrated with Sweet Nectar cuticle oil ($6). Both by A Girl Obsessed.

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**The featured products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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