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**The product in this post was provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

It's Friday!!! Was everyone else looking forward to today like I was? This has been one hell of a week. To keep me sane, I've been swatching a ton! Today, I get to show you all some polishes from a new collection from a new indie! This is the Spring into Summer collection from Coated in Polish. I don't have the whole collection, but I think you'll enjoy what I do have to show you. 

Go Green is described as "a pastel green crelly". This is three coats for full opacity. 
Go Green is a very pale, soft green. Application was good considering the formula was a bit thick. Not a bad thick though. $8

Spring Showers is described as "a glitter topper filled with pastel colors, silver, pink, and blue holo glitters". This is two coats of Spring Showers over three coats of Go Green. Spring Showers was a little finicky. It took several tries for me to get anything other than the micro glitter on the brush. The larger dots had to be fished out with an orange stick. I couldn't even get the bow glitters out. Made me sad. However, once all is said and done, this topper is absolutely lovely!  $8

Life is Peachy is described as "a peach colored base with a gold shimmer". This is two coats for full opacity. The color is absolutely lovely! The formula is slightly thick, but evens out after the second coat. A perfect "nude" for those that don't actually enjoy nude polishes. It's not an in-your-face color, but it definitely makes an impact. $8

Dance in the Rain is described as "a grey bluish base with matte blue lagoon, red, and white glitters.". This is two coats for full opacity. Dance in the Rain actually took me by surprise. It was easy to apply and the glitter had no issues coming out of the bottle. The color is fun and the glitter is so playful! Great combination of colors!! $8

May Day is described as "a periwinkle crelly". This is three coats for full opacity. May Day just might be my favorite of the bunch. The color just seems to glow. This also has the thicker formula, but it applies beautifully. $8

Petal Power is described as "a bubblegum pink crelly". This is two coats for full opacity. Petal Power is the more concentrated color. Two coats to get this coverage when the others still had a slight VNL after three coats, is fantastic! Formula was a bit better than the others as well. $8

Lilac Love & Gold is described as "a lilac color base with gold holo and lavender gold flakes". This is two coats for full opacity. Another favorite from this collection, Lilac Love & Gold has a great formula and a perfect application. The combination is so flirty! Perfect to pair with a summer dress! $8

Splish Splash is described as "a purple thermal that changes to blue with heat with purple holo, bright pink and sapphire glitters". This is three coats with still some VNL. I found out about the thermal capabilities after I had taken this off so I didn't get pictures of it. Splish Splash has a thicker formula. Three coats was really thick, two coats would suffice. Especially since three coats doesn't get to full opacity. I couldn't get the red dots out with the brush, so I dug those out with orangewood sticks. They came out easily with those and I was able to place a couple on the nail. This was the only one I was iffy about. Colors are good, I'd probably like it more layered over something. $8

Blowing Bubbles is described as "a magenta thermal that changes to alight pink with iridescent and glass pink glitter". This is two coats with some VNL. I knew about the thermal in Blowing Bubbles, for some reason it just wanted to stay this pretty pink color. I only did two coats because I didn't want it as thick as Splish Splash. Turns out Blowing Bubbles wasn't as thick, and I absolutely adored it. I'm a fan of a simple sheer polish. Even if the thermal didn't work on me, I recommend this beauty. It's soft and feminine and is great when you need a palette cleanser from bright crazy colors. $8

In addition to all the above polishes, I was sent a sample of Perfect Ending top coat. The top coat was great and was dry within 5 minutes (I timed it). I used the top coat on ALL of the above swatches. The only downside was the smell for me. I get headaches easily, and the smell was that of Kleancolor polishes. I know a lot of people don't mind the smell, I just need to make it known so it's not a surprise. Once you get past the smell the top coat is great! Especially since it's only $5.50.

What do you all think about these? There's a variety here and a few more that I didn't receive. The other polishes in the collection that I didn't receive are: Heat Wave $9Morning Sunshine $8.50, Starry Summer Skies $8, and Bahama Mama $9.

All in all they are good polishes. Especially for such a new indie! Definitely a few worth checking out! New indies are always fun to find and keep an eye on to see how they grow!

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**The product in this post was provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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