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**The featured product in this post was sent to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

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Happy Wednesday, lovelies!!! Today, I've got a six piece collection of glitter toppers from Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer all inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. These fun, quirky, playful glitters show off their inspirations perfectly!! There's a lot of pictures so we will jump right in!

Elsa is described as "blue, purple, and silver glitter with purple micro bars". This is one coat of Elsa over three coats of Julep MarenElsa is the perfect mix of the perfect glitters. They are all about the same size so they work together to make a polish that is just as strong as Elsa seems. So much glitter clings to the brush each time it's pulled out of the bottle, I thought it would be more opaque. So glad it wasn't. This is the perfect amount of glitter! Especially for just one coat! $6

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Olaf is described as "white, black, orange, and iridescent glitter". This is one coat of Olaf over three coats of China Glaze Metro Pollen-Tin. Olaf is my favorite polish from the collection. It applied beautifully and the scattered iridescent glitters give this polish the personality of the inspiration. It's a happy polish that you can't help but love! $6

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Prince Hans is described as "blue, black, and silver glitters". This is one coat of Prince Hans over two coats of Cameo Colours Lacquers Monday (to be released on Friday, post on the whole collection will come then). Prince Hans, not unlike it's inspiration, couldn't make up it's mind. On some nails, only minimal glitter came out. On others, there was an awkward amount. Never had this happen before. With Prince Hans, it works! The glitter isn't overwhelming. It applies well, and because there isn't a huge mix of glitter, the varying application of the polish just seems to fit. $6

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Coronation Day is described as "purple, pink, and blue glitters, aqua flowers and silver dust". This is two coats of Coronation Day over three coats of China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener. Coronation Day is a simple mix of glitters, yet they make an impression and stick with you. The only glitter I had issues getting out of the bottle were the flower shaped glitters (I always have issues with flower shaped glitters getting out of the bottle). Inspired by a day of celebration gone bad, this polish is sure to put a smile on your face as you remember the scene from the movie. $6

Anna is described as "purple, green, blue, and pink glitter". This is one coat of Anna over two coats of China Glaze Spring In My Step. Anna is a mixture of metallic purple and green squares, metallic blue hexes and filled with metallic pink micro glitter. Because of the way the light hits them, the square glitter tends to look curled, but it's not. I tilted my nails every which way and it was all flat. This polish is lovely and playful just like Anna. It definitely suits her. It applied easily without fishing for glitter. I love that the glitter wasn't overwhelming. $6

Source: Disney.wikia

Let It Go is described as "shades of blue glitter with iridescent shards". This is one coat of Let It Go over two coats of Cameo Colours Lacquers Saturday (also to be released on Friday, I will have a post on it up then). Another favorite of mine, Let It Go is inspired by the main song from the movie. Full of icy crystals, this polish perfectly captures the visuals during the song with the combination of different blues. Simply stunning! $6

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What do you all think about these Frozen inspired polishes? I think they are so much fun, and my toddler couldn't wait to get her hands on these! Each bottle is $6 and well worth it! I'll have another collection from Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer to show you all here soon! So keep your eyes open!!

These swatches were topped with Magpie Shine top coat ($7) and I used Sweet Nectar cuticle oil ($6) to hydrate my cuticles. Both from A Girl Obsessed.

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**The featured product in this post was sent to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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