Cinema Swatch Lacquer Misfits, Aren't We All? Collection Swatch and Review and Day 24 of 25 Days of Polish Giveaway

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I'm so excited about Cinema Swatch Lacquer's holiday/winter collection. December isn't complete without our favorite Rankin and Bass stop motion animated moviesCinema Swatch Lacquer decided to pay tribute to some of her favorite characters from these movies in her Misfits, Aren't We All? Collection. These are sure to bring a smile to your face as well as bring back memories from watching these as a kid with your family. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! 

Polka Dottie is described as "a white crelly base with neon pink matte glitter in hexes and hearts.".
Shown is two coats of Polka Dottie with Top Shelf Lacquer's Quick Dry Top Coat.
Polka Dottie is so freaking adorable! I don't know if I like the polish or the character more! In addition to the matte pink hexes and hearts, there are also matte white dots, soft pale pink dots, and a pink iridescent shimmer. The hearts were difficult to get with the brush, but I swished around a toothpick and was able to get enough for each problem. I absolutely adore this playful pretty.
$6 (7.5 mL)/$8.50 (11mL)

Silver+Gold is described as "a unique foil based micro glitter storm of silver, platinum, gold, and antique finish glitters".
Shown is three coats of Silver+Gold with Top Shelf Lacquer's Quick Dry Top Coat.
Silver+Gold was one that caught me off guard. Foils are usually a turn off for me, but I loved this one more and more with each coat. It is the perfect silver to gold ratio. I dare you to not like this one!
$6 (7.5 mL)/$8.50 (11mL - currently sold out)

Hello Clarice is described as "a pink foil base with rose, pink and holo micro glitters".
Shown is two coats of Hello Clarice with Top Shelf Lacquer's Quick Dry Top Coat.
Hello Clarice is such a fantastic shade of pink. Most of the color comes from the glitter, but there is a tiny bit of pigment to give it a slightly tinted base. The downside is, this pigment is the only pigment that can give the polish this color and it does stain. Double or triple up on your base coat because you're not going to want a little pink staining to get in your way of this gorgeous pink.
$6 (7.5 mL - currently sold out)/$8.50 (11mL)

Ruddy's Light is described as "a red-toned foil base with red, cherry, garnet, and holo micro glitters".
Shown is three coats of Ruddy's Light with Top Shelf Lacuqer's Quick Dry Top Coat.
Ruddy's Light holds so much depth for a red. She put together a wonderful combination of colors and glitters. Definitely a polish you'll love 10 times more on your nail than in the bottle. Trust me. This is a beauty!
$6 (7.5 mL - currently sold out)/$8.50 (11mL)

Yukon Forest is described as "a green foil base with evergreen, lime, and holo micro glitters".
Shown is three coats of Yukon Forest with Top Shelf Lacquer's Quick Dry Top Coat.
Yukon Forest is a shade of green that you nail art lovers are going to want. It will make such an amazing base for so many different designs. It's dark enough that it won't mess up the topper color you stamp onto it, and light enough that so much will show up over it...all the while holding it's own and remaining gorgeous.
$6 (7.5 mL)/$8.50 (11mL)

Bumble is described as "a crisp winter blue foil base with sparkling blue micro glitters and platinum flakes".
Shown is three coats of Bumble with Top Shelf Lacquer's Quick Dry Top Coat.
Bumble is such a happy polish. So much so, that my terribly ill daughter saw it and she giggled with delight. She hasn't smiled or laughed in a couple days. She's claimed that as soon as she feels better, THIS is the polish she wants me to put on her. There's no way you can be blue with this blue beauty on your nails.
$6 (7.5 mL)/$8.50 (11mL)

Cinema Swatch Lacquer totally nailed it with her Misfits, Aren't We All? Collection. Each of them represent their inspiration perfectly, and even though they aren't typical holiday colors, we all know that they fit and are a part of the right season. This collection isn't available as a whole and can only be purchased individually. Some of them are sold out in certain sizes, but each one is still available in some form or another. You can get them here for $6 (7.5 mL) or $8.50 (11mL). Or...keep reading and find out how you can win a whole collection of your very own!

Top Shelf Lacquer's Quick Dry Top Coat is the most perfect nail art top coat I've found. I used it with these swatches to give them an extra bit of shine, but my favorite way to use it is with vinyls. It dries quickly and allows you to only have to wait 20-30 minutes to use vinyls instead of a couple hours to ensure the base color was completely dry. I highly recommend it. You can get it here for $4.25 (8mL) or $6.50 (15mL). Or keep reading for a way to get a gift code for this or anything else you'd want from her shop.

NOW, for the big news! How about a giveaway? How about 25 giveaways? Yes, I said 25. Let's think of it like an advent calendar of giveaways. We will have a different giveaway each day. Each giveaway will be open from 12 am EST and will run for 24 hours until 11:59 pm EST. All giveaways will be entered via Rafflecopter here on my blog. Each day the rafflecopter will be at the bottom of the daily posts (yes, I'll be posting every day...including weekends...for this giveaway). Each giveaway will have different rules. Some giveaways are international, some will require international entrants to pay shipping if they win, and some are US only. Please pay attention. All the prizes (except the one I purchased) were generously donated by each brand, and will be sent to the winners by each maker. Let's have fun! I'm hoping this is received well and can become an annual thing. If you have any questions, please email me at

25 Days of Polish Giveaway
Day 24 - Top Shelf Lacquer and Cinema Swatch Lacquer

1. All entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
2. Open to US and international entrants.
3. No giveaway accounts. You will be disqualified.
4. Giveaway will run from 12 am EST on 12/24/2015 through 11:59 pm EST on 12/24/2015.
5. There will be 1 winner. That winner will be notified via email provided in the first entry. The winner will have 48 hours after being notified to claim the prize. If the prize isn't claimed within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.
6. Fraudulent entries will be disqualified.
7. Prize will be mailed directly from the provider within 1 week after prize is claimed. 
8. This giveaway is not affiliated with any social media platform.
9. The prizes were donated by the manufacturers.

$10 gift card to Top Shelf Lacquer


Misfits, Aren't We All? Collection from Cinema Swatch Lacquer

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Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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