Daring Digits Slytherin Review

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Of course, I'm going to be ending the Daring Digits Harry Potter collection review with Slytherin. This was, by far, my favorite out of the four. There wasn't a bad one in the collection, but Slytherin has depth and there is something mysterious about it. 

Daring Digits - Slytherin

Slytherin is a "scaly green with silver mini hexes and squares". It's an olive green with blue undertones, a lovely shimmer throughout, silver medium sized squares and silver holo micro hexes. It's mesmerizing! 

This is two coats of Slytherin.

The formula was thinner than Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, but not as thin as Hufflepuff. I'm not complaining about it, I'm just making you aware. 

I didn't notice any pulling or anything until after I took these pictures. I noticed a couple areas that looked bald for some reason. I'm guessing 3 coats would have made everything smooth and evened out.

You can see one "bald" area there on my middle finger near the tip. 

But here, you can't see it. "It's an illusion, Michael!" (Kudos if you appreciate that line as much as I do!! haha)

"Bald" spot aside, LOVE Slytherin!! (Words I never thought would come out of my mouth.) Fantastic collection!! "Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!" (I really didn't plan for these quotes, it just happened. I swear.) This foursome is a must have, whether you like Harry Potter or not. 

You can purchase Slytherin on it's own for $6.75 for a 16.5ml bottle or $3.75 for a 9ml bottle, or you can purchase the entire Harry Potter 4 bottle collection for $25.50 for 16.5ml bottles or $13.50 for 9ml bottles. Just visit their website to do some shopping or head over to their Facebook page for news and swatches. 

**This product was sent to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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