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Today, I have a beautiful polish! There are only 2 bottles of this in existence! One for me, and the other is one of the prizes in my giveaway. Shannon, the wonderful lady behind Pahlish, created this purple glitter bomb. She was listening to David Bowie's Space Oddity while creating it, so she drew inspiration from it. That's also how it got it's name. 

Pahlish - Leave the Capsule

Leave the Capsule is a purple tinted jelly base filled with holo micro glitter, dark purple, light purple and blue small glitter and medium sized teal glitter. It's so mesmerizing and full of depth. 

Left to right: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats

This is 3 coats of Leave the Capsule. Three coats is perfect for me! It looks like it is a little thick, and it is, but it's not as thick as some other polishes. It's not thick to a point where it bothers me. Application was fine though. No issues whatsoever.

Love all that glitter!

Under halogen light.

Under halogen light.

Left to right: Cult Nails - Nevermore, Funky Fingers - 220 Volts, Spoiled by Wet 'n' Wild - Your Fly's Down, Rimmel London - Wild Orchid and MAC Cosmetics - Steamy.

As seen above from pinky to thumb.

This is one coat of Leave the Capsule over one coat of Cult Nails - Nevermore. Once again, my favorite layering polish has shown me why I keep coming back to it. It doesn't show off the purple tint in the base, but Nevermore lets all the glitter in Leave the Capsule just shine. 

This is one coat of Leave the Capsule over two coats of Funky Fingers - 220 Volts. I thought this neon blue would really help the blue stand out, but I didn't like this pairing at all. It was a total dud. 

This is one coat of Leave the Capsule over two coats of Spoiled by Wet 'n' Wild - Your Fly's Down. This was my favorite pairing! The rich blue is just beautiful under Leave the Capsule! If you didn't know that Leave the Capsule was supposed to have a purple tinted base, you'd think this was just one polish and there was no layering involved. There's just something that clicked here. 

This is one coat of Leave the Capsule over two coats of Rimmel London - Wild Orchid. This was a great pairing because Wild Orchid brought out the purples in Leave the Capsule without taking over and swallowing the glitter whole. You still see each piece of glitter. The only word I could use to describe this pairing was lovely. It made me smile. It wasn't overwhelming, not in your face, it was lovely!

This is one coat of Leave the Capsule over two coats of MAC Cosmetics - Steamy. Steamy is a lovely hot pink creme. But this was all sorts of wrong! I will just leave it at that. Not a good pairing AT ALL!

Leave the Capsule is beautiful! So hard to take your eyes off of it. I love it on it's own, but it takes the right layering color to really help it shine. Pahlish really makes a beautiful polish! I was honored that she made this one just for me and my giveaway. Her ETSY shop is currently closed until the 30th, so keep up with news and swatches over at their Facebook page until it's open. Even though you can't get this beauty, you should definitely check out her other polishes! Not many of them are easy to pass up!

**This product was provided by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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