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Today I have something completely out of my comfort zone for you all! I'm really excited about this one too! I've been wanting to do a Cookie Monster manicure for sometime, but nail art makes me nervous. I don't have the steadiest of hands. Then there's the issue of doing my not-so-dominant hand and making sure they match. I decided yesterday that I would do my Cookie Monster manicure for my Election Day manicure. Yes, it's a non-traditional and a very unconventional Election Day manicure, but I'm showing my support for PBS (and I did a more basic Americana manicure for when I attended early voting). A big part of my childhood and I'd love for it to be a big part of my daughter's childhood. I'm not going to get political on you though. That's all I will say. 

I had already purchased the "googlie" eyes because I knew that when I did my Cookie Monster manicure, I wanted to do it right. Yesterday, I received 12 Colors Elliptic Shape Rhinestones Nail Glitter Art to review from Born Pretty Store. I knew once I saw them that they'd make a fun addition to my cookies! 

My Cookie Monster 3D nails

I tried to get a shot so you could see all the rhinestones on the nails to see that they are, in fact, 3D. 

Close up of my cookie nails.

"Cookie ingredients" Left to right: OPI - Cupp-a-Cawfee (black label), OPI - Basque in the Sun (black label), Wet n Wild - Wild Shine - Black Creme and 12 Colors Elliptic Shape Rhinestones Nail Glitter Art from Born Pretty Store.

Close up of the black rhinestones I used.

I started with a  base of 2 coats of Cupp-a-Cawfee. Once that was completely dry, I put a drop of Basque in the Sun on a plastic plate, took a toothpick and dipped it in the drop. I then applied random little spots with it. Cookies always have a different shade on little areas that are a little more raised than others and I thought this would give it a fun effect. Then I did the same thing with Black Creme and made little dots to look like chocolate chips. I let the whole thing completely dry so when I added the top coat it wouldn't drag. Once dry, I did one nail at a time, I did a slightly thicker coat of Seche Vite and let it sit for a second then I added a couple of the 12 Colors Elliptic Shape Rhinestones Nail Glitter Art to each nail and let it dry. 

My little Cookie Monster! 

"Monster ingredients" Left to right: SinfulColors - Ocean Side, It's So Easy - Stripe Rite - (no name) light blue, Julep - Eloise, SinfulColors - Why Not, Cult Nails - Nevermore and "googlie" eyes.

Close up of the "googlie" eyes I used.

I started my monster nail with 2 coats of Ocean Side. I didn't let the second coat of Ocean Side fully dry, I wanted it a little tacky. I put drops of the other 3 blues on a plastic plate, like I did with the cookie part of my mani, and used a toothpick to apply them to give Cookie some shading and hair. Once the "hair" was dry, I did the same thing with Nevermore and used a toothpick to create Cookie's mouth. Once all that was completely dry, I added a slightly thicker than usual coat of Seche Vite and added the "googlie" eyes. Once that dried a little bit, I added a little more Seche Vite around the eyes to ensure they weren't going anywhere.

Cookie Monster mani on my right hand too! 

I ended up loving this manicure so much! Not to mention, my daughter has been loving it too! The 12 Colors Elliptic Shape Rhinestones Nail Glitter Art from Born Pretty Store were extremely easy to use and handle. I can't wait to do more with them! If you've been looking for some fun nail art supplies, you should definitely check out 12 Colors Elliptic Shape Rhinestones Nail Glitter Art. The people at Born Pretty Store are friendly and super easy to work with. Great products!! PLUS, if you use the code EQL91 you will get 10% off your order! Can't beat that! 

On a side note, I decided I would show you the simple manicure I did for when I went and voted early! :o)

Left to right: Orly - Grave Mistake, Essie - Marshmallow and Julep - Eloise.

Simple but meaninful! <3 Love my country!!

Left to right: 2 coats of Grave Mistake, 3 coats of Marshmallow and 2 coats of Eloise

Right hand

After voting!! Proudly wore this all day until my daughter got jealous of my sticker. 

Did you do an Election Day/voting manicure? If so, visit my Facebook page and post your manis on my wall!! :o)

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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