Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comparison - Julep, SinfulColors & Spoiled

When I was working on swatching my December Julep Maven It Girl box, I noticed a couple seemed similar to others I already had. I already did a comparison post on Ivy, but Harper also looked similar to not only one but TWO different polishes.

Spoiled - Use Protection, Julep - Harper and Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie

Bottle shots in same order as above. See why I had to grab the others? In the bottle they all look so incredibly similar!! 

Pinky to thumb: Spoiled - Use Protection, Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie, Julep - Harper, Spoiled - Use Protection and Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie.

Can you believe how different they all are on the nail even though they look IDENTICAL in the bottles?!?!

Even though Harper and Nail Junkie are the closest on the nail, you can still see some differences. 

All three polishes have the same glitter and are the same color. They may have different opacity, but they are the same shade of teal green. Use Protection obviously needs to be used as a top coat. Harper and Nail Junkie are fine on their own. They have great opacity. Harper has more of the larger glitters than Nail Junkie has. All three have the same glitters, just different amounts of them. All 3 are easy to work with and didn't stain. I like knowing that now I have 3 different polishes in my stash and not 3 of the same thing. 

**These products were puchased by myself. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)


Sarah Tyson said...

Wow! I'm glad they're not dupes - I have Harper and Use Protection. It really is amazing how different they are on the nail!

ylime0033 said...

Harper and Nail Junkie are honestly pretty much the same polish to me. Everyone I asked within the span of 2 days said they couldn't tell a difference.

I did a blogpost comparing the two a month or so ago, when I got my Julep box that month I was like....wait...I've seen this!

Naked Without Polish said...

In my opinion Harper had more glitter, but they were very very similar. At certain angles when the light hit it just right I couldn't tell a difference when all the glitter was lit up. LOL (Maybe I'm telling myself that they are different so I feel better about having them all in my collection.) But yes, there is little to no difference. I just saw more glitter in Harper than Nail Junkie, but they are the same glitters.

And yeah, I was late doing my post last week, but I was gone for the majority of December.

Naked Without Polish said...

I was shocked too. I thought they were all going to be similar. Use Protection seems to be the odd man out though.

Steamy Nails said...

I have Nail Junkie and I loooove it <3 All 3 look really nice swatched! (:

Rose said...

They all kinda look the same but they still look pretty. i think they differ in level of shade. One is lighter, a little darker and darkest maybe.

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