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Maggie had a dentist appointment a couple weeks ago. Her first time with the full blown cleaning. I was so nervous because she has been going to the dentist since before she was 1 and she was NOT a happy camper at any of the appointments. Like any good mother, I talked to her about what they were going to do for 2 weeks before the actual visits. But to be safe, I bribed her with a new bottle of polish and a lunch date to a restaurant of her choice. She did such a wonderful job! She lay there and let them do what they needed to do and didn't budge at all. I was one proud mama!

So after the appointment we went across the street to Walgreens for her to pick out her new polish. Of course I wanted to check out some too! Well, for the first time ever, they had a single SinfulColors collection display and it was FULL. Usually there will be a couple displays out with a hodgepodge of colors that have nothing to do with the actual displays. I was so excited to see it completely full, I totally wasn't thinking and didn't snap a picture. In flipping through the polishes, I already had two out of the eight colors in the collection so I grabbed the six I didn't have yet (even though only 4 are actually new colors) and thought I would swatch the whole collection for you.

The Haute Rebel collection is definitely a earthy fall colored collection, but who cares if it's not fall anymore because these colors are beautiful. 

SinfulColors - Haute Rebel collection


Mauve is a soft lavender lilac creme. Just like you'd imagine it to be from a name like Mauve. 

This is two coats of Mauve over a clear base coat. Easy application. Smooth formula. No problems. 

I love Mauve because I really don't think I have anything else like it in my stash. I have several pale blues and pinks and yellows and greens (okay, more like mints but greens flowed better with the other colors I previously stated). In case you are wondering if you already have a color similar in your stash, Robin at Polished Cousins did a wonderful comparison post with it.

In certain lights you see hints of blue and in other lights you see hints of grey, but over all it is mostly mauve.


Ardoise is a beautiful deep slate grey creme with slight green undertones. It seemed familiar when I put it on, but I couldn't quite place it. In typing up this post and looking at the pictures for a second time, OPI - Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! is now popping into my head. I just might have to do a comparison post on these two. 

This is two coats of Ardoise over a clear base coat. No staining. Easy clean up. Beautiful formula and smooth application. I love the glossy finish. I didn't even add a top coat. 

I was completely at a loss on how to pronounce Ardoise. Then I found this...

Totally helps out, right? I mean I kind of assumed it was French because of the spelling, but looking it up on wiki confirmed it and helped with the pronunciation. (I love the internet!)

Even though I have a feeling I have something similar in my stash already, I still really like Ardoise. There's something familiar yet different about it. One of the two polishes that I favored from this collection. 

<3 So pretty! 

Cool Gray

Cool Gray is just that...a soft cool grey creme. 

This is two coats of Cool Gray over a clear base coat. Sticking to SinfulColors' reputation, there were no issues. They really make a beautiful creme. 

Cool Gray is not an original color. There are so many soft grey polishes available, but this has to be one of my favorite formulas. It's so reliable. Rarely do you ever see a polish from Sinful that is thick or too runny. They are consistent, and that's why we always keep coming back to them (that and their $0.99 sales!! Come on, we all know it's true!). 

While I'm not going to say that Cool Gray is a must have for everyone's stash, if you HAVE to have a light grey polish and you don't already own one, you might want to look into this one. Can't say anything bad about it.


Inkwell is a very deep dark plum creme, that can almost be called a one coater. At first glance, it looks black. (Originally I posted that it was black, until someone pointed it out to me that it was, in fact, NOT black. I had to come back and change it.) The lighting in my house does NOT show the plum color. Just that it looks black. I hate that it doesn't capture the true color and I need to get a better light and a light box as soon as possible!

This is two coats of Inkwell over a clear base coat. Smooth silky application. Slight staining on the sides, but it wasn't completely noticeable to the normal eye. Just us polish freaks who notice every little thing that isn't right. Other than that one minor detail, it's beautiful. 

Look at the gloss! 

Dark polishes are just growing on me more and more. 

Beau Khaki

It's a creme in a color that is really hard to pin point. It's more like a "love child" color. If pea soup green and khaki/olive/fatigue green had a baby. This would be that color. Beau Khaki isn't as muted as a khaki or fatigue green but it doesn't have as much yellow as an olive green does and it's not as bright as a pea soup green. It's like the perfect combination of those greens. AND I LOVE IT!!! 

This is two coats of Beau Khaki over a clear base coat. Once again I didn't use a top coat. I wanted you to see how glossy the finish was. Beau Khaki applied like a dream (stop giggling  (; ). No staining, no pulling. It was the same beautiful formula that we rely on SinfulColors to have.

It looks more olive toned here. The yellow decided to come out and play a little

My second favorite polish from this collection. 

Rain Storm

Rain Storm is a dusty cadet blue creme. Rain Storm is the perfect mixture of blue and grey and they couldn't have picked a better name for it. 

This is two coats of Rain Storm over a clear base coat. Rain Storm is one of the 4 polishes that had been previously released last year. I purchased it the first time around, and even though I love Rain Storm, it does stain my nails. Not horribly, but enough I can't wear a sheer jelly or soft pastel for a few days after.

Rain Storm is probably on my short list of favorite dark blues. It's one of those colors that just really surprises you. 


Smokin' is a blue toned charcoal grey creme. I don't know what it is with me and greys lately, but there is definitely a secret love affair there. This is so warm and cozy, it makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a giant cashmere blanket. (Is there a stamping plate with a cable knit pattern on it? That would make this color just perfection!)

This is two coats of Smokin' over a clear base coat. Just like the six other colors before this, beautiful smooth formula and application. No staining, no problems...nothing but love!

Give me a cup of hot cocoa and a good book and I'd be good on a winter's night. I'm really not kidding, it's such a cozy color.


Mesmerize is a deep rich purple creme that tends to lean towards blue at times. Call me crazy, but there's something so romantic about this color. Normally I think of pinks and creams and softer colors, but I look at this and I feel myself start to smile and tilt my head (strange, I know).

This is two coats of Mesmerize over a clear base coat. No staining. No pulling. Just a beautiful smooth formula with amazing application. I never had much to clean up with any of the colors. SinfulColors has a brush that is so easy to work with and control. 

Such a beautiful rich and glossy beauty!

What did you think of the Haute Rebel colors? I loved how rich and comforting they all were. So glad I was able to pick up Smokin' and Inkwell since I missed them the first time around they were released (I already had Rain Storm and Mesmerize). The four new colors (Mauve, Beau Khaki, Cool Gray and Ardoise) were great additions. Let's see if any of them become permanent colors or if they will stay limited editions. You can currently find these colors at Walgreens for $1.99.  

**These products were purchased by myself. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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