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Today, we celebrate!! 

Cult Nails is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and decided to release a mini collection for the occasion! Like we need a reason to want need more Cult beauties to add to our collection... So let's all say it so they can hear us...

"Happy 2nd anniversary, Cult Nails!!"

The customary gift for someone on a 2nd anniversary is cotton. How appropriate is THAT for Maria? She loves clothes and she sends cotton balls in all her boxes to help protect the goods. So, in a way, they gave everyone who ordered something from them a 2nd anniversary gift. Cotton balls. So hold them close and treasure them (until they are needed to undress your nails), because they were sent with love. ;o)

Yes, you read that right, "Cultiversary". It has a nice ring to it and I think that it fits them. So, there it is... take it or leave it, but I like it. But, on to the polishes, it's why you're here to begin with. 

When these arrived, I was beyond excited!! I'm a lover of matte polishes AND Nevermore. To have Cult Nails' first matte polish and for it to be an amazing black like Nevermore just made me beyond giddy! Anyway... here is what I saw when I opened my box...

The tease...

And the first impression... Left to right: Fetish, Tempest and Blaze

As an added bonus to their 2nd "Cultiversary" Collection they decided to wrap a pair of earrings with every bottle of Blaze. Three lucky people got real diamond earrings and everyone else got a lovely pair of cubic zirconia earrings. Which did I get you might ask?

I got the darling cubic zirconia earrings. I really like them! Not at all disappointed. 

Now on to the pretty little lacquers! I couldn't decide where to start so I closed my eyes and pointed. They are all so pretty, it was the best way I could think of, only because "Eeny Meeny Miny Mo" would have taken too long. haha 

Cult Nails - Tempest

Tempest is described as a "high gloss, self leveling, pure white polish". There is no other description. Tempest is crisp and clean and will probably prove to be my new favorite white polish. 

This is two coats of Tempest over a clear base coat. It is almost...ALMOST...a one coater. At the very least a one-and-a-half coater. Of course, it's Cult Nails so there were no issues with anything. 

Such a beautiful stark white polish. Made my nails feel bridal and virginal. (I was so glad I didn't put Fetish on first. Didn't seem appropriate. lol) 

Look at the gloss on that! I didn't put a top coat on. I wanted to show it off as is.

So smooth and pure. I have definitely never used a better white polish. 

I tried to think of something funny to go along the lines of "I said 'Yes' to the dress", but I couldn't think of a polish version. I fail.

Because it had such a beautiful natural gloss without a top coat, I decided I needed to see how it matted.  I used a matte top coat on my pinky and middle fingers and added Wicked Fast on my ring and pointer fingers. The gloss level didn't change on those that I added Wicked Fast to. The matted fingers were beautiful! I have a matte white polish that I use often, but am not really fond of. Hands down, I will be doing this from now on. 

It's the perfect white polish. It finally exists!!

After I tested the matte vs. gloss I decided to try out some free hand nail art on them. If you frequent my blog, you know I don't normally do free hand nail art. Well, you're about to see why. I need to do more practicing. That's for sure! But I promised you all I'd show you the good and the bad, so here you go! 

I used Fetish for the bow ties and buttons and applied it with a tiny paint brush. Then, I decided I wanted the glossy nails to be all glossy. So, I added Wicked Fast again. Even though I let it sit, it wasn't dry and it smeared. I decided I liked the smearing (it looked like running mascara) so I added the matte top coat to the other two nails so they would all have a little smearing. 

You can see the smearing better here.

I really like this concept, so I will be trying it again and trying to perfect it. Maybe not a full manicure, but definitely some accent nails. The two polishes work really well together! I didn't have to load on Fetish to make it opaque. 

Cult Nails - Fetish

Fetish is described as a "wax look finish black". Wax look = matte. Matte = <3. I think Fetish might have to duke it out with Nevermore. My heart belongs to two beautiful black polishes. Dare I even say it? Yup, I just might... Once you got black you don't go back. There. I said it. I went black. It's going to be very hard to go back. Very, very hard!

This is two coats of Fetish over a clear base coat. I could have, very easily, done one coat. My nails still feel naked without two coats, so I had to do the second one. There is no top coat, yet I love how there's a milky gloss to it when it's matte. Is there such thing as a glossy matte? 

One of the reasons I adore Cult Nails polishes is their application. Always so smooth and buttery. I could count, on one hand, the brands, that I have tried, that have an application as smooth as theirs. Yet, with Fetish, they outdid themselves. Literally. It just glides on and almost immediately levels itself out. 

Be still my heart. *cue heart beat sound*  (I think I might have found my new Valentine for this year.)

After my first try at free hand with the new Cult beauties wasn't great, I wanted to try something different with this. I recently got some dotting tools but had yet to use them. There was no way I was passing this up.

I used 3 different sized dotting tools for the Tempest dots, then softly added dots of Blaze to the larger dots. Yes, there were a couple dots that had strings, they give it character. :o) 

Tempest applied wonderfully over Fetish. Opaque with the first dot. No need to reapply. These are great nail art polishes. 

Can't wait to try this again with different colors or different dots. 

Cult Nails - Blaze

Blaze is described as a "glowing gold and copper glitter." Such a beautiful pairing of colors in a silky clear base. There is something so calming about Blaze. Which is strange, because the name is so fiery. (See what I did there? haha) 

This is three coats of Blaze over a clear base coat. Two coats would be good, but with glitters I do three just to ensure there are no bald spots. Smooth application with no pulling. As I'm typing this, my brain is just yelling at me, "I NEED ALL THE CULT POLISHES!!" Needless to say, I'm getting distracted. 

Look at that sparkle!! 

I know why it's so comforting now! After looking at these pictures, I've got it. Put one coat of Blaze over a beautiful brown and I bet it just oozes fall. (Now I think I need to get Swanbourne!)

When it came to do a little nail art on Blaze, I was completely lost. Then it hit me!!

Yeah. Hindsight is 20/20. I'm not great with freehand and that might have been a bad idea, but it's the thought that counts right?! 

Go ahead, you can laugh. I am. 

Cult Nails may have beautiful polishes, but my nail art needs some work! Don't worry, I won't be trying letters again any time soon.

The Anniversary Collection should probably be named the Staple Collection, because these need to be in everyone's stashes! You get matte, gloss and glitter/black, white and metallic all in one MUST HAVE set! Can't go wrong. They are all so beautiful and versatile. Please don't let my awful nail art sway you. I'm working on it. lol The trio is available in their shop now for $36. The gift with the purchase of Blaze has a limited quantity, so if you want a chance to get the diamond earrings, you might want to run to your nearest computer or smartphone and add to cart! I'm sure they will soon be available individually for $12. 

If you don't yet own any lovelies from Cult Nails, get the trio. It's a wonderful introduction into your newest obsession. 

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**These products were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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