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I have some more beauties from SinfulColors for you today. Just a simple NOTD though. I was running through Wegmans over the holidays and walked past the pharmacy department and saw this random bowl on an end cap just filled with nail polishes. No display. Just a bowl. Of course I had to start digging! A bowl of nail polish is almost like the $5 movie bin at Walmart. You just HAVE to stop and go through it. And if you try to tell someone that you just walk past them, WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID?! ;o) We all do it. Well, it turns out the bowl was full of random SinfulColors Holiday Shimmer polishes. I grabbed a couple and finally decided to use them!

SinfulColors - Nova and Dazzle

Nova is a deep deep deep blue shimmer filled with turquoise micro glitter.
Dazzle is a bright raspberry packed with shimmer.

Two coats of each color were used to reach full opacity. Beautiful colors, but I don't think I like the shimmer formulas as much as I enjoy their creme formula. They aren't bad, just a personal preference. I will definitely be using these colors again though. :o)

Beautiful colors. Fun and festive. Kinda makes me wish I had a holiday party to go to so I could have worn it then. 

Dazzle is the PERFECT name for this. That's exactly what it does. So...wait for it...DAZZLING! HA! Had to! ;o)

Nova is surprising. That pop of turquoise is fantastic! You'll be looking at your hands and you don't see it. Then some flash of light runs across it and BAM it's in your face. Once it's gone, you run and find more light just so you can see it again. I really hope it becomes a part of their core line. 

These two are beautiful, but I don't think I'll wear them together again. They didn't compliment each other like I expected them to. They sure know how to old their own though.

Topped with Seche Vite, this manicure lasted 3 days. No chips, no shrinkage, no staining. Did you grab any of the new Holiday Shimmer colors? If so which ones, and what did you think of them? You can find SinfulColors polishes at Walgreens and other drug or grocery stores for $1.99 per bottle. 

**These products were purchased by myself. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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