January Julep Maven It Girl Box

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I was out of town for the holidays and wasn't paying attention to anything that had to do with technology. I totally forgot about my Julep Maven box that month. Had I been paying attention to my emails, I probably would have skipped this box. It's not a bad box, but they were all colors I already had in my collection. 

Onto the swatches of the Neons & Nudes Resort Collection...


First look

What a wise man! 

Escape and unwind is exactly what is needed after a crazy holiday season. Everyone should have a mandatory week off after January 1st!

All the fun goodies in this month's box!

Swatch Me stickers.

You paint a little bit of polish on the sticker, then place it on the polish lid. Easy way to find the polish you are looking for in your stash without having to constantly pick up each color to see what it is! Wonderful idea! Can't wait for Julep to list them so I can buy more (other than just the add on section. It's hard to choose between a polish and some stickers. lol).

Three cute hair twisties! I've never used these on myself before. I got one in my Gossip Girl BirchBox, but Maggie kind of stole it and I had been using it in her hair. 

The lovely polishes!!

Left to right: Julep - Nikki, Amelia and Nina

Close up shot

Julep - Nikki

Nikki is an "electric highlighter yellow neon creme". 

This is three coats of Nikki over a clear base coat and no top coat. It was a little on the thick side after three coats. No streaking, but it pulled and created some bald spots in places. 

Nikki is a sheer creme, three coats are needed for full opacity. It will probably be better used over a white polish. It will make the neon brighter too. 

My camera only captured the mustard-y color of Nikki, but it really was a bright neon yellow. 

Not my favorite polish from Julep, but I have a feeling it would look cleaner over a white polish.

I hate that the neon color didn't come out in the pictures. It really was a pretty color, just not my favorite formula from them. In the short amount of time Nikki was on my nails, they stained.The staining only happened on the tips of my nails and it didn't last very long. It was frustrating and only made me thing about what kind of damage it would do if I left it on longer. Fingers crossed a white polish underneath it would fix any staining issues that might arise. 

And I don't know what that little bump is from. I buffed my nails...maybe it's the base coat...I have no clue...

Julep - Amelia

Amelia is a "light champagne frost".

This is three coats of Amelia over a clear base coat. Amelia has a wonderful soft thing formula. Even with three coats, it wasn't very thick at all. (Yes, there's that bump again. In the same spot of all places even after I buffed AGAIN! So frustrating!!) Other than that, absolutely no issues with Amelia. No streaking, no pulling, no problems.

You can still see some of the yellow staining through the polish. Please ignore that. 

It looks more gold in certain light. Which I'm ok with. This polish wasn't an original color, but it is beautiful and it's always nice to have a selection of nudes to choose from when you're in the mood. 

Minus the yellow staining and the bump, I enjoyed Amelia. The silkiness of the polish was wonderful. 

I kept wanting to call this an iced almond color and I had to think about it a minute. I finally figured out why. (Look here) Looks like I'll be doing a comparison post on this...

Julep - Nina

Nina is an "electric orangesicle neon creme"

This is three coats of Nina over a clear base coat. The color is beautiful! I was surprised how much I ended up loving this. I loved the description..."electric orangesicle neon creme"...it is a perfect description and it made me want an orangesicle. :o)

Three coats did end up being on the thick side (like Nikki was above), but the formula on Nina was better in my opinion. No pulling with this one, and surprisingly, that bump didn't show up as much this time around. No clue what that issue is. Nina went on smooth, no streaking, and she didn't stain like Nikki did (THANK GOODNESS!!).

As with most neons, I have a feeling the neon will POP more with a white polish underneath. Maybe not as many coats would be needed then. Three coats of Nina alone isn't bad at all though. Nikki felt thicker than Nina on my nails. 

Look how juicy that color is. It's just a stunning orange! I don't normally feel comfortable wearing orange polish, but there was nothing about Nina that I didn't like. 

Yes, this month's box isn't that original, but they were beautiful and two of them gave me no problems. All in all, I'm ok with the fact that I wasn't able to skip January. I ended up liking the colors, and I can work with them a bit to make them work better on my nails. Nikki was iffy for me, but Amelia and Nina were great! Two out of three ain't bad. :o)

Check out February's Julep Maven colors in the picture below. 

What's that I see??? TWO holos?!?! Yup, that's right!! Not a Maven yet and would like to try your first month for a penny?! Use my referral link (http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/24617/) then enter my code JULEPVIP to get your first Maven box (originally $19.99) for just a penny (shipping included)!! Once you join, you always have the option to skip that month if you aren't a fan of any of the colors, or you can change to a different style profile for that month. Their customer service is always quick to help and very thorough. I've loved being a part of the Maven family and really, January was really the only month I wasn't immediately thrilled with the polishes. If you sign up to be a new Maven and you would like to get your box from this month and not an Intro box then after you sign up and place your order, call Julep and let them know. They are usually very accommodating and will switch it for you. :o)

**This product was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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