4:19 PM

I've decided that when my Facebook page gets 100 "Likes" that I'll have a giveaway! It's looking like I'm at 57 right now! So, let's get it to 100 and I'll make the giveaway live!

I'll be giving away a Peeps scented minis set and the lovely Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows in Not Just Nudes. I've heard good things about the Peeps, I just received them for my collection but haven't tested yet. I did a review on the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow here. I loved it and decided it needed to be in my first giveaway My mom donated the Peeps set and I purchased the shadow. Both are brand new, never opened. 

Thank you to those of you who have been there from the beginning! Here's to many more, cause I'm having too much fun!

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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