Monday Giveaway Rundown #4

2:27 AM

Back on track!! Here's the newest rundown of all the giveaways going on the blogs I follow! 

 *Side note - If you have a blog I am not following yet, and you are having a giveaway and you would like for me to follow you and put your giveaway (current and/or upcoming) in my weekly rundowns, please message me at Thank you!*

datyorkLOVES is going to have a giveaway once she reaches 107 followers. Help her make this happen so she can give away these dotting tools to one lucky winner!! The deadline is tomorrow, April 17, 2012, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help her out!!

Deuce Beauties is having a Nicka K New York lip and nail giveaway. 2 winners will get 4 polishes and 1 lip color each from Nicka K New York. Ends April 20, 2012.

Glam Polish is having a 1300 follower giveaway. 1 winner will pick 6 colors from China Glaze's new Summer Neons Collection. Ends April 30, 2012!

Jenna Froggy is having a reader rewards giveaway! She's giving 1 lucky winner a bunch of goodies!! Ends April 30, 2012!

Lacquered Lover is having a just because giveaway. She got an extra set of Zoya's Beach and Surf Collection, so she's splitting them up between 2 winners! Ends April 20, 2012!

The Giveaway Lifestyle's April giveaway is a fun one! 1 winner will win 4 Zoya's of their choice! Ends April 30, 2012!

A Polish Addict is having a 100 reader giveaway! 1 lucky winner will get 7 polishes, INCLUDING MAX FACTOR FANTASY FIRE!! Ends April 23, 2012!

Fierce Makeup and Nails is having a Spring 2012 giveaway! She's giving away 3 pretty polishes!! Ends May 18, 2012!

Lace & Lacquers is having a 50 blog follower/100 Facebook Likes giveaway! She's giving away a bunch of polishes and some candy! So fun! Ends April 25, 2012!

Love for Lacquer is having a 5000 follower giveaway!! She's giving away a phenomenal 5 polishes to 10 winners!! Yes, that's 50 polishes in total, AND it was her husband's idea! This one ends tomorrow, April 17, 2012, so make sure you've put in your info for this!!

The wonderful ladies over at Polished Cousins are having a 100 Likes giveaway! 2 winners will get some Finger Paints Special Effect polishes! Ends April 22, 2012!

Polished Criminails is having a 700 follower giveaway. 1 winner will receive 3 Models Own polishes from the Beetlejuice Collection! Ends May 11, 2012!

Sincerely Stephanie is having a 50 follower giveaway. 2 winners will each get a Revlon - Whimsical and a Claire's Candy Shop. Ends April 20, 2012!

DIY Polish and More is having a 100 followers giveaway! She is giving away 1 bottle of the AMAZING Max Factor Fantasy Fire!! Ends April 24, 2012!

Glitter Puke is having a 50 follower giveaway! She's giving 1 winner a bottle of a beautiful holo, ETERNAL Fantasy 88, plus more goodies when she reaches 75 followers! Ends May 15, 2012! When you go sign up for this, make sure you say that I sent you! :o)

Take It With A Drop Of Polish is having a 100 blog follower giveaway. 1 winner will get 5 amazing polishes (mostly indies with a FP Special Effects thrown in!)!! Ends April 23, 2012!

Sun-Dried Lacquer is having a just because giveaway! She's giving 1 winner a bottle of China Glaze's Rated Holographic! Ends April 30, 2012!

*She didn't have a picture posted, so I grabbed a swatch picture online to show you the polish*

No Holos! is having a 100 Facebook followers giveaway! She's giving 1 winner 2 custom Frankens and some extra goodies!! Ends April 18, 2012!

Pretty in Paint is having a 500 Likes on Facebook giveaway! She's giving a winner Essie's Spring Collection! Ends May 2, 2012!

Splat by Arfblat! is having a jelly sandwich giveaway! 1 winner will get 6 polishes! Ends April 30, 2012!

Sweet Surcee is having a giveaway!! 1 winner will get a bottle of Claire's Candy Shop! Ends April 21, 2012!

*She didn't provide a photo so I pulled one off the internet to show you!*

Tall Girl in Heels with Pretty Painted Nails is having a giveaway!! 1 winner will get a bottle of Claire's Candy Shop! Ends April 21, 2012!

Things I Love at the Moment is having a 400 and 500 follower giveaway! 3 winners will get one of 3 items! 1st - a custom Lacquistry polish called Rouhir and Now, 2nd - Laquistry's Devil's Dandruff and 3rd - 6 L.A. Colors Nail Art polishes! Ends May 1, 2012! 

Konadlicious is having a 3000 follower giveaway! 2 winners will win some amazing items. 1 winner from her pinup followers and 1 winner from her nail polish followers. There are too many items to list, so please go check it out!! Ends May 16, 2012!

So, technically I missed my "Monday" target, but I started this forever ago! There are just so many giveaways! I don't want you to miss a single one! But I'm off to bed. I'll see you lovelies in the morning!! 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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