NOTD - Who shot Fozzie?!

12:57 AM

I will start off by saying, I'm not proud of this mani, but I'm going to share it with you anyway. 

The inspiration behind this mani is from my daughter, Maggie. 

This is the little monster. <3

I was putting her down for her nap on Thursday. I did my usual routine and kissed her forehead, then did eskimo kisses where we say "ugga mugga" (It was what I did with my mom when I was little and it stuck, so I do it with Maggie now, but I have no idea why. Remind me to ask my mom!), then I say I love you before leaving the room. Well, after my "I love you, get some sleep!" Maggie looks at me and says, "Night, night, mommy, wocka wocka!" I smiled and said, "Go to sleep you goof." then left. But as soon as I got downstairs and replayed it in my head, I lost it and just laughed. I don't know where it came from. We haven't watched a Muppets movie in months! (It is making me want to run out and grab the new movie though.) So, there, I'm immediately inspired, but I was so in love with my last mani, I wasn't ready to change it just quite yet. It did give me time to think about it. On the plus side, my mom and dad got me the Muppet Collection from OPI for Christmas. I love every single polish in that collection. There are 2 that pertain to Fozzie, Warm & Fozzie and Wocka Wocka!

I thought long and hard, then it hit me! Fozzie was always having tomatoes thrown at him! That might me fun! I don't own any special nail art polishes, I don't own any nail art brushes (I want to, I just haven't gotten any yet). I want to learn to do nail art, but I just worked with what I have, the polish brush that came with the bottle. I knew I was going to use those 2 colors, but I didn't want his "fur" to be overly shiny. I grabbed my Max Makeup Cherimoya Matte.n.a 5 Stars polish. It's a stunning copper with little flecks of glitter, but it's matte! I love it! I don't have a matte top coat yet, so I'm just using the 16 I have as base coats for other fun things until I have one in my hands. So here are the lovelies I chose for this mani.

Max Makeup Cherimoya Matte.n.a - 5 Stars, OPI - Warm & Fozzie and OPI - Wocka Wocka!

I did the usual nail prep with my Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy and Foundation II Ridge Filling Base Coat. Then 2 coats of 5 Stars. It went on nice and smooth. I was just horrible with my brush this time around it seems. (If you don't own any of the Cherimoya polishes you should! I just came across this set of 16 of them on Amazon and I love them! I haven't found any in stores. I wish they were more readily available, but I need more of them in my life, and I need to complete my Matte.n.a set with the 16 others that are available.)

After first coat

After second coat

Then I did just one light coat of Warm & Fozzie. I think this is my favorite from the collection. Browns aren't normally appealing to me. You add glitter to anything and it will be more appealing, but there is just something amazing about this polish. It's beautiful on it's own or paired with something else. 

 After 1 coat of Warm & Fozzie (I love the way this looks together!)

Then, came my attempt at the tomato splatter. I did 2 light coats of Wocka Wocka! It went on nicely. I blotted and didn't blend well, but it dried smooth and beautiful as if it were on my nail by itself. The whole thing didn't turn out as I had hoped. Instead of a tomato splattered across a bear's fur, it looks more like he was shot. The color is pretty, even though it's a bit too deep and too purply of a red to be a tomato, my first attempt at "art" is a no go. You'll see why I'm ready to take this mani off in moments... (with a Seche Vite top coat and clean up)

I'm pretty embarrassed. 

Mani on my left hand

Mani on my right hand

I really do love how my 4 fingers turned out. This color combo is a HUGE plus in my book. Will probably try that again later. But my tomato splatter was a dud. :o( Just gives me more motivation to get some nail brushes [and dotting tools]!! Who knows, maybe Mother's Day or my anniversary! 

So, now to rack my brain on what to do for my mani tomorrow! I need to redeem myself! 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

P.S. I hit up Sally's Beauty for their B2G1 Free sale this evening and made out like a bandit, plus I ended up at CVS with a TON of coupons AND I got my Julep Mystery Box so I will have a good  nail mail/haul post tomorrow!! 

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