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I went out this weekend to do some grocery shopping and to hunt down some items for some swaps I was doing. My husband decided to have some father daughter time so I could have some mommy time while I did all this. You have no idea how much I needed this little bit of time to myself! I ended up finding most of what I wanted for my swaps. I was so excited! I even found a small amount for myself. I got home and I had a huge bag of goodies from Andrea at Finger Painting Fingers! I will post pics of my mini haul and nail mail next. 

I really couldn't wait to dive into my new polishes! Andrea sent me a bunch of SinfulColors polishes. My Walgreens isn't finished being built yet, and she graciously went to hers and stocked me up on them during the $0.99 sale. She sent me some AMAZING colors! My husband was drawn to one in particular... Let's Talk. A beautiful deep royal purple. I used that as my base and went from there. Here is what I decided on...
 SinfulColors - Let's Talk, essence Color & Go - Choose Me and SinfulColors - Nail Junkie

Close up of Choose Me

Close up of Nail Junkie

Let's Talk is a beautiful deep purple. In the bottle it looks like it would have some shimmer to it, but it dries flat. GORGEOUS on it's own, but until I get a light box and can capture single colors perfectly, I'm going to just play with multiple colors. Choose Me is a deep teal sheer/jelly (can't quite tell to be honest) with glass flecked gold glitter in it. It's beautiful! And Nail Junkie is a teal tinted clear with blue, green, blue and yellow hex glitter with gold micro glitter. 

I did 2 coats of Let's Talk (I probably could have left it at one, but I tend to always do 2 coats of the bottom color). Once that dried, I took Choose Me and only left a little on the brush. I started at the base like I was going to paint my whole nail, but I left the tips purple. Once that dried, I used Nail Junkie and just dabbed some near the cuticle. I just wanted a little bit of chunky glitter on there. Let's Talk and Choose Me were beautiful on their own, but I wanted a little more. :o)  I topped it off with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. 

*For some reason (I tried on my camera, my husbands camera and my phone's camera) but this mani just comes out blue, not purple and teal, just blue. So, I hate that you won't be able to see how seriously pretty this is. It's gorgeous! 

It's stilly pretty, but it's not anything like what I'm looking at right now. :o( I'll try better next time.

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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