NOTD - Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae

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Oh, how I've missed you guys! I enjoyed revamping my page, but I've missed painting my nails and sharing with you all. It's silly how, once you get into the swing of things with a beauty blog, the stupidest little cut can kinda put you out of commission for a bit. At least is was only 3 days! I had to wait for the cut to heal so I could use remover without putting myself through a lot of pain. I knew I had to do something fun for my first post back. I asked my husband what color I should do, he said violet, but unfortunately I don't have any violet polishes. :o( Everything is either really light and lavender or super dark. I guess I need to focus on some in between shades of purple. Anyway, on my hunt for a purple that could be called violet I came across some pinks. More specifically, Max Makeup Cherimoya Matte.n.a Fairytale. It's a silvery bubble gum matte pink. I LOVE it! But then, I love the 16 Matte.n.a polishes I have and I need to find out how I can get the other 16.

*If you know where I can get these polishes please let me know. I found the set I have on Amazon, and I would really love to have the others, but have never seen this brand in any of my stores.*

If you know me, you know I rarely just use one color. I knew I needed glitter, and I had yet to use OPI's Excuse Moi! It's a pink base that is just loaded with glitter (pink and silver micro glitter and silver, pink, green, blue, orange and gold mini hex glitters) This was the time. Ok, so why not make it a kind of gradient mani, I wanted something softer between the two. OPI's Nutcracker Sweet was perfect! It is a sheer pinkish/taupey/coppery color. It's beautiful! I will definitely be using this color more often.

 I first think of a strawberry ice cream sundae when I look at my nails.

 Max Makeup Cherimoya Matte.n.a - Fairytale, OPI - Nutcracker Sweet and OPI - Excuse Moi!

Glitter shot!! Look at all the colors!!

I did my mani at night, so I wasn't able to take step-by-step shots. :o(

The right hand!

Question - My "bad" hand is turning into my "good" hand and my "good" hand is turning into my "bad" hand. Is this happening to others or am I just weird?

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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