NOTD - essence Color & Go, Rimmel London & Sally Hansen

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Good morning, lovelies!! Thank you all for an amazing day yesterday! I was overwhelmed with all the support I teared up a little last night. You guys are awesome! 

Since I had such an amazing day, I decided I needed an amazing mani to go along with it. My only problem was I had no idea what to do! My daughter decided to stay up 2 hours past her bedtime so the last thing I want to do at 10 o'clock at night is stare at an enormous amount of nail polish to figure out what I want to do. I picked up so many beautiful polishes over the weekend that I decided to just pick from that pile! There were 2 polishes that were no brainers. I've been eyeing one for a little bit and the other I just couldn't get out of my head since I bought it, Rimmel London's Purple Rain and Sally Hansen's White Veil, both brands I haven't gotten to try yet either so it's a win/win for me! I was looking at the bottles trying to decide what direction I was going to go and I decided I needed a third color, for good measure. I opted for yet another brand I haven't been able to try yet, essence Color & Go's Nude It!. I don't know what told me that this would work, but it did and I love it!! Here are the colors I used...

essence Color & Go - Nude It!, Rimmel London - Purple Rain and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - White Veil.

Now, to start, I haven't been using a base coat the past month or so. My nails are usually very weak and break easily or peel like they are sunburnt. I found some Nail Tek items on Amazon, thank goodness because I only paid 1/3 of what it would have cost me in a store, and I love them! They are definitely worth the full price, but if you don't have to pay full price, why would you want to? I did 1 coat of Nail Tek's II Intensive Therapy and 2 coats of Nail Tek's Foundation II Ridge Filling Base Coat.

When that dried, I used 2 coats of essence Color & Go's Nude It!. I really like the color. It's more taupe than it is nude, but I don't see myself wearing JUST that color. It went on a little streaky and I had to dip the brush a couple times for each nail, but it dried quickly and with a nice glossy finish. Almost like it already had a top coat. It was just a nice basic creme based taupe/nude color worth the $0.99 I paid so nothing I will complain about.

When that dried, it was time to "try" to get fancy with Rimmel London's Purple Rain. This is such a beautiful color!! It's an extremely deep, rich, plum purple creme color that almost looks black if you don't pay attention to it. I started by making arches towards the base of my nail so that there was a little half moon of Nude It! showing. Then I filled in the upper part of my nail with 2 coats. Making sure Nude It! was covered and not popping through anywhere. I also made sure the very tips of my nails were painted with this color. (It annoys me to no end, when wearing a dark color and the very tips aren't painted and are showing. Don't ask me why, but I'm sure I'm not the only one this annoys.) 

When that dried, I needed to touch up my half moons. None of them were even, so I just lightly went around and made them a little more even. Since I was getting ready to kind of cover them up, I didn't take pictures of this step. 

When my touch ups dried, I finally got to grab White Veil by Sally Hansen! This is an absolutely stunning clear based glitter top coat with gold hexes and white glitter. I was so excited to come across this polish at Ulta. Just in love with this glitter!! I went over the half moon and part of the lower section of the Purple Rain. I used one (kinda thick and gloopy) coat. It was filled with glitter! A lot more than I thought would come out with one coat. I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and kind of used that to smooth down the coat of glitter. I waited for it all to dry then I cleaned up and noticed that some of the nails are a little bumpy, but I don't mind it. I'm in love with this mani!!

And just for fun, since I'm kind of proud of it, here is a picture of my "other" hand. Really surprised how well that one turned out! haha 

This one was so much fun! Now to work on figuring out what to do next!! 

Happy Polishing!


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