Maggie's Corner #4 - Peeps Please!

11:42 PM

Since Maggie got her Easter basket, she's practically been begging me to use the Peeps polish on her. So, this morning while relaxing with Toy Story, for the umpteenth time, I broke them out! Such cute tiny little bottles and the colors are so fun and vibrant! And when they dry, they smell delicious!!! The one downside is that on tiny toes, when they are so close together and you can't separate them much, the smells blend together so you can't smell each one on it's own. I did the usual 1 coat on her toes and was impressed with the coverage. The yellow was a little blotchy, but the color is pretty. My favorite is the green, it's so shiny!! One of the pinks got messed up pretty quickly, she really doesn't know how to sit still. haha I really ended up liking these a lot the formula wasn't awful, the colors were bright and cheerful and even ended up having more shimmer than I was expecting when they dried, and for baby toes, they all had full coverage in 1 coat other than the yellow. I'm thinking I'll be trying them at some point myself! Will definitely keep you posted!

Maggie getting her toes painted!

Peeps scented polishes

a little closer...

Green - Apple Marshmallow scented

 oops :o/
Pink - Strawberry Marshmallow scented

My camera didn't want to focus :o/ But you can still see the color.
Blue - Cotton Candy Marshmallow scented

Yellow - Vanilla Marshmallow scented

Purple - Grape Marshmallow scented

As you can see, in the bottles they look like a basic creme polish, but once dry, they are shimmery and light. I'm sorry for some of the awful pictures! I can't wait until her feet get a little bigger so it will make painting her toes a little easier. They are so tiny! But she pulls it off. It's still cute!

Maggie and Mommy waiting on her toes to dry so she can run around!

Happy Polishing!

Becky & Maggie :o)

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