NOTD - I'm Seeing Spots

3:46 PM

Last night I REALLY wanted to try my first tape mani. I failed miserably and will be trying that again at a later date. Then, I thought I would attempt a sponge mani. Once again, I failed miserably. At that point, I decided to try something different. After my dark Grimm inspired mani, I wanted something bright and cheerful. I had 3 bright colors and a sparkly top coat from my previous failed manis that I knew I needed to use. 

So, I did my normal nail prep with one coat of Nail Tek's II Intensive Therapy and two coats of Nail Tek's Foundation II Ridge-Filling Base Coat. Then I grabbed my polishes and just started dotting. No dotting tools, not brushes, no make-shift tools, just the tips of the polish brushes (honestly, this mani was decided upon from pure frustration from the previous 2 attempts). I let that sit and then did a light coat of the glittery top coat before doing two coats of Seche Vite. In the end, I love this naked nail with spots look. I will probably try this again later once I get some nail art tools. But here's what I used and some pics of the mani!

Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Sunny Side Up, Julep - Helena, Zoya - Robyn and OPI - Yule Love This Silver 

My right hand as always!

I love how each finger is different. There's a lot of color without it being over done. I really enjoyed this one! I guess it's a blessing in disguise that my other two manis didn't work out. I never would have discovered the fun in frustration and just doing something so my nails would't be completely naked. 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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