My First Birchbox!!

4:53 PM

The Friday before Easter, I finally got my email from Birchbox letting me know it was my turn to sign up. I was sooooo excited! So excited in fact that I just forwarded the email to my husband cause I was too excited to fully explain to him exactly what it was and go through the whole shebang.  He got sent away for the majority of the weekend for work (which is why I missed the Cult Nails sale), but he surprised me and signed me up for Birchbox before he left. He's so good to me! Well, yesterday, I got my April box! I was a lot excited and only slightly disappointed. Watch my video, you'll understand why. :o) I'll post links to the full sized products of what I got after the video. Hope you guys enjoy!! 

What was in my Birchbox

Pictures of the samples and links to full sized products:

**After I made the video and I went to link it, I realized that I could use this to keep my bra strap in place so I will definitely be trying these! Not getting tossed aside like I originally thought.**

All in all very pleased! I just wish they were really deluxe sized samples like they were supposed to be instead of the "free" sized samples that you can easily get in a department store. Still, these aren't samples of things I would normally ask for, other than the polish, so I'm excited to try them! Can't wait to see what's in store for me next month! 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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