Hauls/Nail Mail - Sally's and CVS and the elusive Julep Mystery Box!

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I have just recently realized that there is a Sally's Beauty Supply practically next door to my Ulta. I think I might have been blind or something. So, when I found out they were having a B2G1 Free sale, of course I had to go! The main things on my list were: a bottle of Gelous, a new bottle of Seche Vite, and a matte top coat. Want to take a guess on what I walked out with? Come on... I know you want to... That's right, I walked in for 3 items and I walked out with 12 (The 2 not shown are a bottle of nail polish remover and a package of nail wheels). Here comes the eye candy!!

Sally's haul - minus the remover and nail wheels.

The breakdown:

Full Spectrum, Liquid Crystal and Optical Illusion 

 Close up of Full Spectrum
 Close up of Liquid Crystal
Close up of Optical Illusion
Polarized, Prism and Ray-diant
 Close up of Polarized
 Close up of Prism
Close up of Ray-diant

I absolutely LOVE these! Ever since I received Blonde Bombshell in a giveaway I won, I think I'm obsessed with China Glaze glitters. I got 1 more (that you'll see below) The ONLY China Glaze polishes I own are full of glitter. They say the first step is to admit that you have a problem. I don't think I have a problem, I just know what I like! :o) Ok, here are the other goodies from Sally's Beauty Supply...

China Glaze - Lubu Heels, Finger Paints - Micheltangelo, Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat and Gelous - Advanced Nail Gel Coat (this is going to make my glitter SOOOO happy!)

Close up of Lubu Heels

Very excited about all of these. This is my first Finger Paints polish. I really wanted to grab an ORLY polish, but nothing caught my eye so that's when I grabbed Lubu Heels. Over all, I was really happy with Sally's. I will definitely be looking into getting their card. I just didn't want to do it on my first time in incase I wasn't too thrilled. 

On my way home I remembered I had some CVS extrabucks that I needed to use. I was pleased that I had remembered to grab my coupons too! They were getting ready to close so I popped in. (Very surprised I was actually only there for about 10 minutes. I can rarely make up my mind about colors in that much time. Then again, I didn't have Maggie with me. haha) So, this is what I ended up walking out the door with, and I spent under $2!! 

CVS haul

The breakdown:

 Confetti - My Favorite Martian and Black Tie
Close up of My Favorite Martian

These are my first Confetti polishes. Kind of excited to try these. I don't have a good basic black yet, I'm really hoping this formula will be good. 

Revlon - Varnished, Radiant, Extravagant and Impulsive (a very appropriate name)

Close up of Radiant

I have been eyeing Radiant for quite some time now. I never studied it up close, it's just one of those polishes that catches your eye. Even if it's on a shelf with 30 other polishes. It just stands out. I had been VERY skeptical because I already own OPI's Gone Gonzo and I thought they might be too similar. Then I told myself (trying to justify buying it) "Just compare the two for a possible [and cheaper] dupe!" THEN, my friend Anna at Polished Cousins and I were chatting and I told her about my concerns. She said, "No, get it! They are different! Radiant has green in it!!" That was it! I needed that polish in my life. My go to colors tend to be blues and greens, but together, in one polish... I was sold! So, now, the little precious is in my life and I'm very happy! Can't wait to swatch it for myself!

 Wet n Wild - Fast Dry - Hannah Pinktana, Party of Five Glitters and Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire
Close up of Hannah Pinktana
Close up of Party of Five Glitters
Close up of Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire
Wet n Wild - Wild Shine - Eggplant Frost, French White Creme and Red Red

Wet n Wild polishes always seem to be a go to grab for me when I'm at CVS. All the ones I've grabbed so far have been great colors, with good formulas and they dry well on a wiggly toddler's toes. Plus they are a great price! Enough to satisfy a polish craving without breaking your budget. They always seem to be restocked when I go in so I never have problems finding new colors. 

Lastly, I received my very first Mystery Box from Julep. If you don't know what Julep is yet,  you should! I've only been a Julep Maven for 2 months now and I've been VERY impressed and so very happy with everything they've sent me. For $19.99 a month (free shipping), they send you a box of goodies based on how you've answered this mini 9 question survey. It usually has 2-3 polishes in each box plus some little extras. You can skip months, change your box type or even give your box to someone else if you're feeling generous. Then, sometimes they have special offers for their Mavens, like the Mystery Box. It's the same price as a regular Maven box but you can get anywhere from $60-$200 worth of goodies, but you have no idea what's in store for you. It's like Christmas with every box! I love it! My mom and I are both Mavens and whens she was here for Easter we saw they announced the Mystery Box so she was kind enough to get one for both of us. We decided to open them together via video chat so I wasn't able to get step by step photos of me opening it. Just the end product. I only ended up having 1 dupe! I love the color, but I'm thinking I'll end up putting it in my giveaway pile for you guys later on. 

 Look at the pretties!!!
Julep - Melissa (the dupe), Fast Dry Topcoat, Hayden, Helena and Essential Cuticle Oil

So very pleased with everything!! But don't expect any more haul posts soon, I think I did enough damage for a while. I need to get to swatching!! I'm just dreading how much my cuticles are going to hate me! 

Tell me what you think of all my goodies! Do you have any of these colors? If so, what do you think of them?

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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