April Fool's/Spring mani

11:55 PM

Hello, ladies!! I received my April Julep Maven box on Friday! Did you get yours yet?! I honestly believe I was more excited about getting this box than I was about getting my very first one. I don't think I was even in the mood for Spring until I opened this box. The colors are feminine and just practically perfect! 

Julep (from top to bottom) PenelopeNiecy and Jessica

Now can you see why I was so happy?! BEAUTIFUL spring colors! And who doesn't love some chocolate eggs? (These ones totally brought me back to my childhood!) I got lucky with my weather that day. It was nice and chilly so my chocolate was all in once piece. The only thing that was missing from my box was a make-up bag that I was supposed to get as a present for my first official (non-penny) Maven box. It was shipped separately and will hopefully be here tomorrow!

So, I had a VERY hard time trying to decide which one to use or how to pair them. And I really didn't want to hurt one or two of their feelings, so I embraced Spring and picked them all!!   

**WARNING** I skipped a crucial step and didn't use my cuticle oil. I got way too excited and distracted. So please pardon the seemingly dry areas around my nails.

Julep Penelope is soft and feminine. It's described as "Opaque, almost white with a hint of blush." on the Julep site. That's just what it is. It's flirty in a subtle way and I LOVE that about it. I'm the first person to reach for a bright or loud color, but I'm just now starting to appreciate the subtleness of pales, pastels and nudes. This is 2 coats with an SV top coat. She went on beautifully just as all Juleps do. 

Julep Jessica is described as "Soft and sweet baby blue creme." on the website. Their descriptions couldn't be more perfect. At first I thought it was going to be a periwinkle color but it's just a powder blue. haha It's almost the color of my dad's suit from his wedding day! This is 2 coats of pure dreaminess! I've said before that I'm drawn to blues and purples and once again, I'm holding true to that. Jessica is my favorite of the bunch this month.

Julep Niecy is a bright and loud hot pink. She's so much fun! If I'm going to be honest here, she makes me want to pop on some Reno 911! (I love Niecy Nash!) This is 2 coats and really is going to be my new go to hot pink. 

That's it for my first Spring mani! I'm very pleased with it, but since my skin and cuticles look so bad, I don't see it lasting long. I had a couple good hauls this weekend, so I will be taking pictures of those tomorrow and will hopefully get them posted. I'm pretty pleased with myself! For now, I'm off to bed! Hope all my ladies had a wonderful weekend! 

Happy polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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