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So, I decided to have a little bit of fun with my make up today. Since I loved the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Not Just Nudes so much, I went and got 3 more! I hadn't been able to try them yet, because they were a little intimidating. They are all so pretty, but not really colors I would normally wear and I got them to get me out of the norm. I decided to jump in and go for it today. I decided to use the Eternal Summer colors. Not my normal cup of tea, but they definitely are now!! (The picture of the shadows will be down below. I'll post my video, then all the products I showed in the video.)


**Please pay no attention to the awful lighting, it's just how it is in our house, please excuse my sniffling my allergies are taking over and please excuse my daughter she got a little loud and distracting while she was eating lunch. haha**

Products used:

(Not made anymore it looks like  )o:) 
Clinique Work-Out Makeup All Day Wear in Babyskin (03)

(It doesn't look like they make this anymore either   (o:) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Loose Powder in Light (02)

So, that's it! You can imagine how bummed I was when I found out 2 of my favorite and most trusted items aren't made anymore. I hate having to find new products. I've been using those since I was in high school. So, not fun! :o( But, it should make for some fun posts on here!! If you have any good, but affordable, products that I should look into, please let me know! I'll start making a list of things to try! 

Happy Polishing!

Becky :o)

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