Julep Maven It Girl November Box

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I know I'm a little late in showing you my It Girl November Maven box from Julep, but these beauties were worth waiting for! It's no secret I'm a sucker for a matte finish. Well, the November Maven box was chalk full of matte goodness! I was so giddy when they sent out the preview emails! If only I could have gotten one of everything!


First sight

Such a wonderful quote in this month's box. Truer words have never been spoken!

My partial introduction to the beauties.

It's practically Christmas!! You're lucky I snapped all these pics, I wanted to dive right in!

TA-DA!!! This is what was in my November It Girl Maven box. Two matte suede polishes, a matte top coat and three remover pads.

Close up of the remover pad.

Directions and ingredients.

Julep - Matte Top Coat, Hailee and Nora

Julep - Hailee

Hailee is a "khaki green suede."

I loved Hailee more when I put her on. She was pretty in the bottle, but the olive tones really come out when it is put on the nail. 

This is two coats of Hailee. Since these were my first suede polishes (I've had mattes before but not suede), I wasn't sure what to expect for application, but these were impressively smooth! No issues applying and it cleaned up easily. Just confirmed my love for mattes.

Julep - Nora

Nora is a "silver aubergine suede." 

In the bottle Nora looks more rosey, but the aubergine side of it really shows on the nail. Same formula as before, no issues. (The little dents are really in my nail, I couldn't get it to even out right with a basecoat.)

That was my wonderful November Maven box! Loved it, with the exception of the remover pads. I used them all and they didn't nearly do as well as my usual acetone. Next up, is my add-ons! Yes, I had to do the add-ons this month. I needed more than 2 suedes. I ended up grabbing 3 more polishes. 

Julep - Minka, Brit and Donna 

Julep - Minka

Minka is an "oxblood red suede".

I don't know if I would call this an oxblood red, it's more of a coppery red.

Application on Minka was a little off from what the others were, but the final look on the nail wasn't completely awful. I will use this again, maybe with a different base coat to see if it applies better.

Julep - Brit

Brit is a "graphite silver suede".

Graphite silver suede is the perfect description for Brit. This makes me think it would be what my car would look like if I matted it's paint.

The formula on this was like Hailee and Nora. Much better than Minka. 

Julep - Donna

Donna is a peacock-y teal glossy creme.

Beautiful smooth formula. Julep really makes a wonderful creme. No application issues whatsoever.

On the left is two coats of Donna no top coat and on the right is two coats of Donna with the matte top coat.

Left to right: glossy, matte, glossy, matte

After going through all my November It Girl polishes I knew I wanted to do a full mani with all of the colors, but how to do that?! I thought and thought and figured it out...

Julep - Nora, Donna, Minka, Hailee, Brit and Matte Top Coat

This is two coats of Donna on each nail. Pinky and middle fingers are matted with dots in Brit. Ring and pointer fingers were left glossy with dots in Minka. 

On the left side of my thumb is Hailee and on the right side is Nora with a stripe of donna down the middle (still glossy). Yes, my line isn't straight. I need to get some brushes so I don't have to use the brushes in the bottles. It's still a fun mani! :o)

I really like how these turned out!

Right hand :o)

I thoroughly enjoyed my November Maven box. Not many that I've completely hated, but this one was fantastic! I highly suggest their matte suede polishes! 

If you are not yet a Julep Maven and would like to be, you can get your first month for a PENNY + FREE shipping. Use my referral link and take the quiz to find out which Maven box is the best fit for you. Then use the code JULEPVIP to get the box for only a PENNY. Such a great deal for fantastic products. If you decide to stay on after your first box, each box after is only $19.99 a month and free shipping. It's definitely worth every penny. 

**This product was purchased by myself.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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