Darling Diva Polish Witchy Woman

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First post of December! Can't believe the year is almost up! Every year just seems to fly by quicker than the one before. So crazy! Since the holiday season is upon us, and everyone seems to go a little nuts this time of year, I figured this next polish was appropriate. Another first of two, Darling Diva Polish

Darling Diva Polish - Witchy Woman. Witchy Woman is a black tinted jelly base filled with a rainbow assortment of glitter and micro blue holo glitter. It's so wonderfully crazy, it's name totally fits! I'm a sucker for a jelly so I couldn't wait to pop it on!

Left to right: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats

The coats went on a little clumpy, but a top coat would smooth it out perfectly. It was only clumpy from all the glitter...never something I'll complain about. 

This is three coats of Witchy woman. See how I told you you could see some bumps and lumps in places? A coat of Gelous and a coat of HK Girl would fix it right up. When I'm reviewing, I don't use top coat. I like to show you all the polish in true form. I promise you, the clumping here isn't a bad thing though, don't hold it against me or think I did something wrong. :o)

I love all the glitter! I almost did fewer coats of Witchy Woman and layered it over Nevermore, but then we wouldn't get all the glitter so I opted to not layer Witchy Woman at all. There was no pulling, just a little clumping of the glitter, but that's nothing some top coat won't smooth out. 

You can get a glimpse of some of the holo glitter here. They really didn't capture well on camera. This is definitely a better in person polish. Very photogenic, but not to it's fullest. 

I can't wait to do another mani with this, but maybe do an accent nail in a bright primary color. :o)

Looking for a fun and basic go to glitter bomb?! Witchy Woman just might be it! You can tell Darling Diva had so much fun when creating this! You can find it and several others on their ETSY shop for $8. Head over to their Facebook page to keep up with news, swatches and sales. Seriously, you might want to do that, because her new holiday collection is absolutely gorgeous!! 

**This product was sent to me by the manufacturer for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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