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I am finally finishing up the reviews from the last giveaway. SO MANY!!! haha So, we are ending the review-a-thon with another glitter from Trelly's M.I.S.C. Polish. I know, it looks like just another basic black, white and red glitter bomb. Those were my initial thoughts when I saw the bottle. I love with my gut reaction is wrong though. Once opened up and brushed on lovingly, Dance Education came to life!

Trelly's M.I.S.C Polish - Dance Education

Dance Education is a clear base filled with white and black bar glitter, large red hex glitter, medium red and black square glitter and white macro glitter. 

Left to right: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats

See what I mean? It's so much fun! I love how their glitter polishes apply. Dance Education didn't get thick until that third coat. No fishing or dabbing needed. 

This is three coats of Dance Education. 

I love how some nails end up with more black and some nails end up with more red. I love having each nail different. 

I stupidly forgot to take a pic of the bottles so I will just say what they are here.
From pinky to thumb: A England - Perceval, OPI - DS Bold, Barielle - Do Unto Others, L'Oreal - Greycian Goddess and OPI - (Standing Room Only) Silver (black label).

This is one coat of Dance Education over two coats of A England - Perceval. Perceval is a perfect glossy poison apple red. Juicy and tempting! Layering a red glitter over a red polish is tricky, but I knew I wanted to try it with something. Perceval was the only polish I thought even having a chance of doing what Dance Education needed and I was right! You still see the red glitter and everything else pops. This wouldn't be my go to color for a full mani, but it was beautiful!

This is one coat of Dance Education over two coats of OPI - DS Bold. DS Bold is a lightly tinted red base jam packed with red holo micro glitter. I wanted to try something different and this was it, but I ended up hating it. It just fell flat. 

This is one coat of Dance Education over two coats of Barielle - Do Unto Others. Do Unto Others is a bright teal creme. Yes, it's not usually something you'd think to put a red glitter over, but LOOK!!! I really really REALLY liked this. Daring and bold without being gaudy and ugly. Basic, simple and fun! What more do you want from a manicure? They don't all need to be complicated and over thought. 

This is one coat of Dance Education over two coats of L'Oreal - Greycian Goddess. I don't think I could have picked a more perfect grey creme to pair with Dance Education. This was so simple it was fantastic! They both complimented each other like it was their job. I will most definitely being using this pairing again.

This is one coat of Dance Education over two coats of OPI - (Standing Room Only) Silver (black label). (Standing Room Only) Silver is a soft, sheer silver polish packed with glass fleck to give it a linear holo. This is usually only used as a top coat to brighten up a bland creme, but I wanted it's holoy goodness on it's own as a backdrop for  Dance Education. (SRO) Silver turned Dance Education into a dance recital! (See what I did there? lol) The sparkly background gave Dance Education a whole new look. The glass fleck didn't jump into the foreground, it did it's job and transformed Dance Education. Definitely a playful pairing!

Dance Education was so easy to work with and apply. I can't think of one problem I had with it. Some glitters can tend to be difficult, but I had nothing but smiles with it. Unfortunately, Dance Education is no longer available, but check out their ETSY shop for several other goodies from their holiday collection for $9 each. If they are anything like this, you won't want to pass it up! Also, head over to their Facebook page for news, swatches and sales. You're sure to find a present for someone in there!

**This product was sent to me by the manufacturer for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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